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Anyone received orders from them..if so how are they?

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I have worked with them....they pay very very very slow! You usually have to follow up with them for payment.
there is plenty of info on this site about them, just do a search.........

Regards! Rose
They have slowed down in the amount of work. Slightly more picky than the average comapny.
They have a less than stellar rep., we haven't been paid for 2 in Jan.2010
I always have requests for orders from them. I used to accept orders but when they took 4 months to pay agents I decided not to accept orders from them any longer. I will only work with BPO companies that will pay you within 30 days.
Keith go ahead and sign up with this company if you want to practise your valuation skills. Other then that I sugguest you take the time to do a search and you will have answered your own question.
I did one BPO for them and was never paid. They also wanted the BPO completed the same day.
Thanks everyone for your replies...kinda what I thought...yea I was a sucker and they owe me for several dating back to January. There were one or two people there who seemed nice and I would help them out and work an order or two in with other orders for other companies while I was out. Now they want 24 hr turn arounds and I get hit with email request.
I have stopped doing them at all and every request I relpy back with a pay demand. If by chance anyone has accounting email or number I would appreciate it!
they are o.k. - quick turn around, which can be stressful

the real problem is getting paid, I had to bill them - just got notice that the check is in the mail - so we will see.
I was told in another post that you really need to threaten them (sending them to the BBB) for payment (I did that in an email, but have that letter drafted just in case the check doesn't arrive)
Hah! They are o.k. is an understatement.
I stopped working for them last year because I was never paid. I contacted them in reference to the assignment and they were unresponsive.
don't work for them - you don't get pay up to 1 year and you have to fight to get your money.. They still owe me 45 BPOs since Jan


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