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Any one has worked with them?  Any experience?

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I received an email today asking to join to do bpo's.  I'm skeptical of registering with my ss number right off the bat.  Looking for feed back first, just to be safe....

I just received an email  as well, any feed back out there? do they pay.

another bpo mill at best. They sent another eMail.


Their website says they are an APPRAISAL mgmt company. It says nothing much - much less anything about BPOs. Their login is a beta version. There is no mailing address for the company on their website. The way they spell the eVal part of their name is reminiscent of our beloved non-paying out-of-business BPO company eValsolutions. I didnt do a Whois search but that might give you more answers, Sam.

Got the same email, reluctant to sign up without knowing how much/if they pay.

It looks like we all got the same email , but no one has ever heard of this company. Its probably a scam.

think they are eValuations reincarnated.  walk away....


Inesa Tomaszewski, 6103 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL

Yes, it is legit in Chicago. They hired a lady who blasted at many realtors in west coast.


What do you mean Sam "blasted at many realtors on the west coast"?  Did you sign up?

She sent to many realtors several times. 

Me sign up? Are you kidding?

walk away


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