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I have been working with REOs for a few years now and have been trying to get my foot in the door with Fannie & Freddie, but have been told that since other agents in my office work on those accounts, they will not allow another agent on board.  Does anyone have any insight to this?

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I've applied to them directly with no response. I did receive a Fannie Mae property today from one of their REO outsourcers. This is a new client too.
Which outsourcer?
From my understanding Abby, Fannie Mae only approves 1 agent per brokerage. So if your brokerage has lets say 5 offices only that 1 approved agent can work for them at a time. At least this is what I was updated on just yesterday.
Thanks Elizabeth. That was my understanding as well, but others have indicated otherwise so just wanted to keep asking.
Change companies. Also, FYI - I have some very good friends that work at Fannie & Freddie and I am in their database but I still don;t get anything because I can't get on with their outsource companies. By the way, Fannie uses 18 different outsource companies!
Thanks Cindy. Do you have all the 18 companies?
Hi Abby. I will email some fannie mae companies. Email me
Would like that list also - will send an e/m. Thx
I would like the list too. Will be emailing you. Thanks
Marqueze, if I could get the list
I would truly appreciate it.


Please email them to me also the Feddie Mae list to.

Thanks so much in advance. 

Thanks Larry,
I actually already get your mailings! My question is really more for companies that already get them directly through Fannie/Freddie. Can there be more than one agent receiving these in an office?


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