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I spoke with a rep at Fannie Mae and I was told that they are in the process of re-evaulating Listing Agents and its process.   They are currently doing a 'waive' program. Currently they are approaching waive 2.  I'm in waive 3.     Has anyone heard anything about this at all?     I can't seem to find details online.    


Looking forward to your response.



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How do I find out where I stand in to get assignments. I have been approved...


Have you been approved through the wave process or another way?

I do not know. How do I fin out. I got my username and password in the fannie mae site NOT AMN
I have been listing Fannie properties since last fall, and I have never heard of the wave process, I will ask my asset managers about this, I know I am one of the new listing agents in my area.
Are you Fannie direct or through outsourcers?
We just got in direct and want to parlay that into some new outsourcer accounts. Any advice for doing this?
No good luck I have been trying for years to become a fannie direct broker.  All I ever get is if we need anyone in your area we will call.  I am so use to reos after last 15 years I need some encourgment to get back into normal sales. 
If it makes you feel any better, we just got our first Fannie direct listing last week. It took ten months from initial application to first assignment.

Yes getting in with Fannie is like getting in the "circle" of the goodfellas.....It took me 2 months just to get my login for AMN!


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