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We received the application into Fannie Mae.  They ask what the 3 most important things are in dealing with REO proprties.  My answers were:   1.  Procurring a sale.  2.  Accurate timely communications.  3.  Value preservation and security. 


Am I close on these.  I would consider all three of equal importance.  Does anyone know if this is close to what they are looking for

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I just completed my application with Fannie Mae also. I am curious to know how others would answer that question too.

Where do I get a fannie mae application Mr. Vrooman?

Make applications with AM co's and wait. And wait. I am sure there is a better way.

 I found my answer, will post tomorrow from work computer.

You can find the application process on the "homepath" website. I believe the answer to my question is the first page of the Fannie Mae "Service Requirements for Contractors and Consultants" found from "".



Ok thanks I will try that. I will let you know.

Karen,  I have been on the list for about 2 years for my area, but I read on this site that some agents were only registered for a few months.  You should also try to get listed with the Fannie Mae outsourcers also.

Ok thanks Charlenia

  --Did you get an "RFX" (whatever that means) from Fannie Mae?  I just did.  Did you submit it yet?  Any idea what the chances are of getting some listings after submitting it?  i think it is the last step before beconing accepted or nothow  

Looks like there are 2 other people in this discussion that received an invitation to apply, and so did I.  I wonder if this means FNMA is adding more Brokers.  I know that, in my area, the few people wnho are listing them have around 20 listings each.  What do you think?     

I received the application and I answered:


1) Accurate values: If you don't get the value right not much else will go right. It either won't sell if you are too high or you are costing your client money priced too low.


2) Promptness: Task completion, getting back to AMs, prospects, other agents as fast as possible ultimately leads to shorter pre-list, listing DOM, and closing times.


3)Dilligence: If tasks and contract packages are consistently sent back it creates duress for everyone.


Don't know if that is what they are looking for, if Fannie tells me to kick rocks and never come back I'll let you all know and you will at least know what NOT to say!!

Al good day to you Sir I said the same thing. did you get in with Fannie Mae Direct? I did not get in at least so far. It would be good to hear of someone that did get in... Merry Christmas to you

Hi Laura,


I have not. They told me 6-8 weeks. I submitted about a week and a half ago.


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