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Fannie Mae - I was Recently Accepted and I Recevied My User Name/Password

My REO Coach told me that even though getting accepted to their SAP Software doesn't guarantee REO Assignments, that once you get to this stage it is usually a good sign that they plan to utilize your services. 


Does anybody have a good phone number for them?  I was told that I should follow up and give them a phone call and find out who the Asset Manager is for my area.  



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JD ~ Who is your REO Coach?

I don't think you need one, just read everything out there. I noticed there are so many coaches. You are probably better off reading the REO mac articles online.

What is SAP software and who is your REO coach I have been with REO Platinum University and have not see an REO yet. I am in Los Angeles. Maybe we can share information. This university is connected with Craig Proctor does anyone out there know anything.
This thread has gotten off the orignal topic, but that is ok:)

If you ask me, anybody that has been in this business less than 2 years, needs a coach or a mentor, in addition to being a member of a few good sites like the one that we are on here. There is so much incorrect and bad information out there on all of the "REO mac articles online" and other reason is because so many agents get frustrated and inadvertantly give out incorrect information. I don't pay a coach anymore on a monthly basis(except his website), but without one early on, I would not have been able to close all of the transactions that I closed in my first 2 years in the REO business, that's for sure. For a new REO Agent, I highly recommend and Frank Patrick.
I did not even realize that getting accepted for SAP software means you are in.
I been accepted six months now and nothing.
Anyone knows what is next step and should anything be done at this point?
Clarification: I did not say that "you are in" :) Somebody that has been in this business for a long time told me that it was likely that I would get business, but I am not sure at all that I will. He said to make a Phone Call to them and try to find out who the Asset Manager is for my I'm trying to get a good phone number for them.
Fellows Congrats!

Just be patient and prepare yourselves for a big ride, perhaps there is no assets in your area for the moment. But, if you are in with them directly that's like a job with the government until you get tired or retire. A colleague just got accepted last month and she is receiving some properties without asking or contacting anyone. She also bought the software and worked on some BPO's and viola!!!

Good Luck!

Thanks and that is what I've heard, so I'm keeping this in my prayers. By the way, what "software" did she buy? When they emailed me, they said that I was all set up with their software(SAP) already and they gave me my User Name and Password.....unless I missed something.
I am going through process now and I have been assigned a POC and I have been given the user ID and password for the SAP site. I have completed and finished answering all the additional applications and questions, it said to wait 6-8 weeks but what happens after that? Will I get the opportunity to bid for listings? Or is it another step in the application process?

I was excepted over a year ago or so. I even got to the point were I put in the application for a direct vendor. There was another person in my office also. I didn't get it and neither did she. It is just the first step. I called AM in my area and was told there wasn't enough inventory to add anyone. Thats why I thought it was odd they were having everyone do the application thing. I would just stay on top of it.

JD first of all Congratulations! I have only heard of a hand full of people that got to this step which I believe is step one. I like you have been accepted about 5 months ago, but no word yet. I have tried to make my way slowy to some of the asset managers that are on linkedin and also facebook. I believe the final word comes from NPDC, they handle the assets for FNMA. I have heard that you will receive a phone call from them, be prepared to answer questions!



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