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Fannie Mae - I was Recently Accepted and I Recevied My User Name/Password

My REO Coach told me that even though getting accepted to their SAP Software doesn't guarantee REO Assignments, that once you get to this stage it is usually a good sign that they plan to utilize your services. 


Does anybody have a good phone number for them?  I was told that I should follow up and give them a phone call and find out who the Asset Manager is for my area.  



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Congratulations for getting on with Fannie
FannieMae comes to you. You must purchase multiforms. They will send you a Master Listing agreement(MLA) and the asset manager usually calls you to get everything done, at least that is how I was brought into FannieMae.
Did you buy multiforms before or after beeing accepted?
When Fannie called me they told me I needed to get I did. This was 5 or 8 years ago, and I started getting listing right away. Fannie has 1 agent ofr every 20 listings. You are only allowed 20 at any one time.
There is an Agent in Albuquerque that seems to have Fannie Mae homes locked up - currently he has 30+ homes active on MLS. I cannot find any other Agent w/ Fannie Mae homes - he has been listing FM homes for way over 2+ exactly how is it supposed to work?
Any light that you can shed will be greatly appreciated
Each agent is allowed only so many lisitngs before FannieMae adds another agent, And FannieMae has very high standards, as do most asset companies. I personally feel that it also comes down to the relationship you have with your sales rep. They are all different and some you work with easier than others. FannieMae changes their sales reps avery 6 months or so. If the agent is doing a good job and it sounds like he is then why look for more agents? I checked Albquerque and there are alot of fanniemae properties and I looked at the first 4 homes and each had a different listing agents so there are a least 4 agents there.
Jimmy...I got approved as a Fannie Mae vendor in November, but nothing yet. Let me know if you find any tricks to getting assignments and I'll do the same. Good Luck!!!
No tricks, just be patient and excel at the clients you have.
i think there might be some confusion. just because you have an app in to sap, and they accept that app, does NOT mean you are fannie approved. far from it. you are in line. a very long line. if you have not heard directly from fannie, you are definately not in...


I recently got this email from FANNIE....Thank you for registering as a potential supplier for Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae uses Frictionless SRM to facilitate our sourcing events. Registration in SAP does not guarantee assignment of work. You will receive a separate message that includes your user account information.

Is this what you got? I never recieved the username or password though. Does it take a while to get that? Im getting excited about the possibilty, I have been trying to get in 15 years. I could have gotten in 15 years ago when several of my friends got in, but I was starting my company and did not what to mess up the account, then the door closed. Did I find a crack?
So...could you tell me how to pierce the veil of FNMA?
Yes, that is the same email that I got and a week or so later I got a User Name and Password.

John, I just went to Fannie website and filled out that big ole long Application.

So far, I haven't gotten any Listings and from what I've heard, it could be a week or a year, but I should eventually get some, I hope:)

The REO Expert that I used is Frank Patrick, see ASREOS. He helped me get started 3 years ago and his system is the best that I've seen and it focuses on the BASICS, but has several important systems that ensures that you are doing all that you can to get REO Listings. Of course these days, it tough sailing because there are so few REO Listings, but things should free up soon and there will always be REO business.


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