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Fannie Mae - I was Recently Accepted and I Recevied My User Name/Password

My REO Coach told me that even though getting accepted to their SAP Software doesn't guarantee REO Assignments, that once you get to this stage it is usually a good sign that they plan to utilize your services. 


Does anybody have a good phone number for them?  I was told that I should follow up and give them a phone call and find out who the Asset Manager is for my area.  



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Do Fannie Mae outsourcers provide their agents with a Fannie mae vendor number or is only provided if you a fannie mae direct agent/
Did you ever get in?  I also got the SAP acceptance, but haven't heard anything.

Hi   Where did you find a FM coach?



I am going threw process now and I have been assigned a POC and I have been given the user I'd and password for the SAP site. I have completed and finished answering all the additional applications and questions, it said to wait 6-8 weeks but what happens after that? Will I get the opportunity to bid for listings? Or is it another step in the application process?

Hello ! I was on boarded just a few months ago, and I have a question regarding HOA's and the Resale Certificate Fee.

Who orders the resale certificate ?  and

Who pays for the resale cert ?

On fact sheet, it says buyers should order and review the resale certificate, but it mentions nothing about paying for it.   Would appreciate guidance on this, as 8 out of my first 10 properties are sold and due to close soon.


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