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Fannie Mae /REO Listings & Listing Agent Harrasment

I have a friend in Florida, Coral Springs marketing area who is being harass & threaten by a Fannie Mae listing agent, after she cancel a contract due to the property condition. And for the past months since then, The Listing agent constantly send her harassing text messages and he would call her 1am in the morning. He has also told her not to send or submit any more offers on HIS properties because he is in charge and not his Fannie Sales Rep or Asset Mgr. & he tells them what offer to accept or denied. And any offer from her will be automatically denied. After reviewing this guy profile, we were surprise he was even a FNMA listing agent. He got his license in 2009 and sold 1 property in 2009 and 1 property in 2010, then in 2011 is when he started getting all of his REO/FNMA listings. This guy as a cocked attitude. I told her to file a complaint with his broker and also to Fannie Mae, since this guy refuse to stop. By she is a little hesitant and don't want to have to change her  phone# that she as for years... Have anyone experience harassment from a REO/Fannie Mae listing Agent?..Do anyone as any other advice that might be helpful..  I have sign up with Fannie Mae and got accepted in their fiction network but nothing since then, being in realty estate for 12years and have sold over 200 REOs, just wondering what requirement if any is Fannie Mae looking for, since this guy was able to get all his listing with a few years and 2 sold listings...

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Best bet is to forward all of the voicemails and texts to Fannie, I am pretty sure Fannie will love to have a look at because this is totally not what they represent.

I would also bring this issue to the MLS board and the department of licensing as well, if he is truely doing this, he is way below the professional level of what his license required.

send an e-mail explaining the situation to

If that doesn't work, email me and I will email the FNMA Director.

Be very careful going direct to Fannie Mae about this as it could be construed as being the same as going direct to any seller, which is a violation of license law.

I would recommend bringing this to her broker's attention first and let the brokers handle it. But document everything for a complaint with the State's Real Estate Commission.

And if she has already told him to stop calling her, then she also has probable cause for a criminal complaint with local law enforcement.

@ Tony Y - your last sentance I have a question - what exactly is realty estate? You have multiple grammatical errors and mis spelling

I would agree with Tony's suggestion and go directly to Fannie Mae. There is no violation of licensing laws doing this - if anything you are doing them a favor pointing this out - and in the end it goes to help uphold and reiterate FNMA's attitude of revitalization and improving our communities.

Please excuse my first comment - it is just common sense and courtesy to everyone reading any post that the person typing the post would take the time to proof read and check spelling... But that is how I would do it. 

Brian - it doesn't do any good to critique grammar, improper tenses, spelling, and punctuation on these sites.  I just do it in my head and wonder how some people stay in real estate in the first place.  Some of it seems to be English as a second language or street speak and may serve a certain buyer population well.   I do wish the sites themselves would have a spell check built in because sometimes, I mistype or have a mind blur.  I check and recheck, but.....    

@ Brian whats a sentance? That's a new one there as well (sentence). Remember English is not everyone's 1st language so lets act like adults and not bash a fellow Realtor. 

I agree with you Bill, about not bashing other Realtors.  I was a refugee to this country, now a citizen.  I can speak, read, and write 2 other languages before I have come to learn English and able to read and write this good. I married an American man who help me learn and improve my English daily as we share ourlives.  My English will never be perfect and will always have grammical errors, but until you and some others who can do what I do or better, please do not criticized but have some respect for those who are trying.  Very, very, hard work was and still is, how I stay in this business.  No other ways!!! If anyone has it any easier, please thank God and consider yourselves blessed!!!  Not everyone had it easy and comfortable.  Unfortunately, some of us had to flee our homeland in the middle of the night from the communist soldiers that terrorized our freedom, forcing us to leave everything we had behind and fled with only the clothes on our backs and having to start over in a new strange land and hopping to servive and able to support our minor children who are depending on us.  Please be human and check our attitudes before we post our thoughts bashing other people. If it's not helping, please act like responsible adults and keep it to ourselves!  We're here to talk about real estate and let's share what we know alright?!  :)

Report the Agent to the Department of Real Estate in your State.

Not everyone has Professionalism. Also your friend should file a Police Report.

Just in case.

File an ethics charge with your local Realtor office.  That will take care of it promptly!

Hi Tony,  The FNMa agents sounds rather nuts.  Can your friend just call the police. I think calling someone at 1 in the morning and making threats is illegal big time. Of course the local real estate association can slap his hands but it sounds more serious than that. But the police will probably be the most direct route. Sometimes I think some of the goverment office don't have real people in them to read e-mail and answer the phone ha, ha. :)))


Why not block their number from your phone.  This might stop some of the confusion.


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