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Fannie Mae /REO Listings & Listing Agent Harrasment

I have a friend in Florida, Coral Springs marketing area who is being harass & threaten by a Fannie Mae listing agent, after she cancel a contract due to the property condition. And for the past months since then, The Listing agent constantly send her harassing text messages and he would call her 1am in the morning. He has also told her not to send or submit any more offers on HIS properties because he is in charge and not his Fannie Sales Rep or Asset Mgr. & he tells them what offer to accept or denied. And any offer from her will be automatically denied. After reviewing this guy profile, we were surprise he was even a FNMA listing agent. He got his license in 2009 and sold 1 property in 2009 and 1 property in 2010, then in 2011 is when he started getting all of his REO/FNMA listings. This guy as a cocked attitude. I told her to file a complaint with his broker and also to Fannie Mae, since this guy refuse to stop. By she is a little hesitant and don't want to have to change her  phone# that she as for years... Have anyone experience harassment from a REO/Fannie Mae listing Agent?..Do anyone as any other advice that might be helpful..  I have sign up with Fannie Mae and got accepted in their fiction network but nothing since then, being in realty estate for 12years and have sold over 200 REOs, just wondering what requirement if any is Fannie Mae looking for, since this guy was able to get all his listing with a few years and 2 sold listings...

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