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I hear that Fannie Mae is bringing on 15 new reps next month to help with the heavy load of REO inventory getting ready to hit the market. Anybody hear this or anything else about it?

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Elizabeth, did you hear if this would be local to your market or national?
From my understanding it would be national.
I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that its true. I've worked with outsourcers and am supposedly in line to getting full acceptance myself.
Congrats Carey!
Carey Please Share how you know you are next in line? Have you been contacted by NDPC? This could be really good news for some of us!

I noticed you mentioned you are an outsourcer for Fannie as I am also. Do you keep getting pay cuts through commission drops, "technology fees" amongst other things? It seems like after paying up front money for utilities, repairs etc I am barely making 1% on a closing these days...Thoughts?

Who are the Asset management companies for Fannie Mae? I am selling FNMA for Green River Capital but there are a lot of FNMA reos being listed through other companies and I want to get in with the other ones. Anyone know who to contact?

Kathy, do you get 2% on the listing side with Green Capital for Fannie Mae? Also, are you getting charged a "Technology fee" through Green Capital for Fannie Mae?

Heard from a very good source it's 50 not 15!
i received an approval e mail..after forever being on the list..but it makes sure approval does not guarantee listings..lets hope!
Congrats Victoria-


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