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I have a question for any agents experienced with Fannie Mae.

I understand that Fannie Mae outsources about half of their listings and keeps about half in house. So, It's obviously important to be an approved Fannie Mae broker. I sent in our application a while ago but have not been approved and the application clearly states that they will keep it on file for 2 years and if you have not heard back then you can re-apply.

My REO team is approved with a few other asset managent co's that handle Fannie Mae listings. Some have set us up as being approved to receive Fannie Mae listings and others require your Fannie Mae ID# to be able to complete their MLA. So, my question is......

Can I receive a Fannie Mae listing through an asset management company even if I have not been approved directly through Fannie Mae?


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Good evening does anyone have the link to sign up for Fannie Mae Direct. I see the requirements to sign up but do not see a link to fill out anything. Thank you for your help have a great day Laura

Business Review - Broker Notifications Follow Up (On Boarding)

Fannie Mae sends email for on boarding once brokerage approved. You are invited to become a Fannie Mae National Property Disposition Center (NPDC) Vendor. It is a long process.

Kent Steffes

Hello Kent,


So are you saying that, once are invited then we are actual accepted to become a Fannie Mae Approved Broker?

Another poster mentioned that is trying to get as many agents to pay their $129 as possible before the change of equator. That is very TRUE! They will do everything possible to get you to pay...DON'T! Their forms program is antiquated and very difficult to work with. Also, they only give you two license for two computers. They will try to manipulate you into paying the update and I refuse. When I contacted them to request a reactivation for a new computer I had to buy due to a crash, they tried their very best to get me to pay, no way Hosea! They also deactivated the license I had on the old computer when I was able to get it up and running long enough to refer to my work on their program. All you need to do if you want to use is to disable your online connection and open the program, then start your connection while program is running. Works like a charm. I also found the best alternative to keep me going until something does change with Fannie Mae and equator...go to You'll love it! I'm paying $9.95 a month and am able to take care of biz. Best of all this is a website based program so you can work on it anywhere on any computer! It took me a while and lot of head butting with multiform, but due to that frustration, I found Its worth a look.

Hola everybody:

 I have a question, I received for the last three years eight invitations from Fannie Mae and I am still not approved, can someone explain to me how this really works? I’m very knowledgeable in this field even I never list REO on my own. I explain that in my application that I been subcontract with REO Agents to help them.

Do you mind me asking, which asset management companies are handling Fannie Mae listings?

Yes as long as your BROKER is a Fannie Mae broker.  You mean nothing to FM.  Your broker must meet certain criteria to gain this blessing.  I have been doing Fannie Mae directs for approx 10 years and EVERYTHING is changing.  From my knowledge the outsource companies for FM will not be around soon.  

About Multiform:  DO NOT BUY THIS.  Fannie mae is now using Equator and Multi form is no longer needed.  Thanks

You are correct although Multi forms is still needed for some activities that are requested.

All the needed forms can be found on Fannie Mae's SFR site.  FYI.  You must have a username and password to use this system though.  It would be similar to your OLD AMN login info.  Thanks

Fannie Mae removed all outsourcers 6-12 months least in my area.  I am pretty sure it was nationwide.

You are correct all Fannie Mae sales are handled in house.  Im in Texas 

Joshua I am in Texas as well What county are you in. Grayson County  is where I am at.


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