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I have a question for any agents experienced with Fannie Mae.

I understand that Fannie Mae outsources about half of their listings and keeps about half in house. So, It's obviously important to be an approved Fannie Mae broker. I sent in our application a while ago but have not been approved and the application clearly states that they will keep it on file for 2 years and if you have not heard back then you can re-apply.

My REO team is approved with a few other asset managent co's that handle Fannie Mae listings. Some have set us up as being approved to receive Fannie Mae listings and others require your Fannie Mae ID# to be able to complete their MLA. So, my question is......

Can I receive a Fannie Mae listing through an asset management company even if I have not been approved directly through Fannie Mae?


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Fannie Mae: RFx, I received this invitation,login, but there was no proposal link or any type of link to click on, I emailed vendor deck and e sourcing, the phone # I found they said they couldn't help,I have no way to respond and my time ends May 27,2011,does anyone have a contact number they are willing to share

I'm in the middle of the same application right now, same deadline, send me an email, I may be able to help.


Mike Johnson

Marathon Real Estate

HI Mike:

I received the e-mail from Fannie Mae that I was accepted and that I would receive another email with user name and password info. from e-sourcing......It's been over 3 weeks and I haven't gotten anything.  Any tips on what I should do or anyone to contact from here?


You're right Justin.  It did go to my broker and now they need an  email from him directly requesting the user name and password.  Hopefully , they get that off to him and then I can log in and do the same thing, change the email address for account management.  Thanks for your reply!

eSourcing is the application site.

The next step would be a For Fannie Mae to request a RFx (aka Request For Proposal).

Then they would interview you view phone or in person.

Then they would complete a business review.

Then they would send you the docs necessary to get your AMN login.

Then you are eligible to receive listings :).
thanks for your reply Kyle.........sounds like you've been there, done that!
Just finished going through iit all and got our first assignment last week :)

Hi Kyle: sorry to bug you so much.  How long did it take for you to get the RFx from Fannie Mae after you rcvd. your login info. and email that you were approved by Fannie Mae.  I seem to be stuck in this step as they are not cooperating with passing along to me the login info. that they claim to have initially sent to my Managing Broker.  Managing Broker claims he never got it and now he's no longer with us.  Anybody that I can call?



Hi Kyle,


I was wondering if we can speak by phone. If you don't mind, I would like to ask you a few questions abouts the process once you receive a RFx from fannie mae. Once you received and completed the application, how long did it take for you to get approved, receive your login and start receiving listings.

Thanks, Shawn Maxwell,

From the time I submitted the application online, to the time I got my first assignment was 10 months. They do personal and business background checks which move very slowly.

Hi Kyle. I just joined this website and this is my first post.  It looks like you recently completed your FNMA RFx proposal and I am going thru the same thing right now.  When I click on the RFX proposal response, there is a set of questions that need to be completed mostly regarding my/office experience handling REOs.  We just recently started listing REOs so not much experience there.  Do they pay close attention to experience w/REO's and if they do.  Do they request paperwork of your closings? I do have about 20yrs of experience in the real estate industry. What do they ask on the phone interview? how long is the business review?



Eda De Leon

Florida Relocation R.E.




What kind of questions do they ask about you and the your business?



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