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Does anyone do work with FAS?  They require payment of $100 for BPO's and $200 for potential BPO & REO assignments.  Is it worth the $$?

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I haven't paid anything but I have 3 premarket Keybank listing assignments that are taking an awfully long time to get to market. I'm starting to feel used. One has been titled since August and I've been doing occupancy checks since July. The occupant has been issued move out orders and has told me several times he was moving. He says the sheriff gave him 6 weeks now. The asset manager has no info. 

On top of that, I won't be permitted to sell the properties myself and there's no minimum commission.  I think the percentage is 5% or less and this particular property is worth less than $20k.  The other 2 properties have been vacant with personal property for 5-6 months and I was only recently given the task to place the legal notices on the houses. Worth $35-45k. 

I don't know if it's just Keybank property but I'm not happy.  I haven't had any BPOs from them.


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