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Has anyone had any experience with Rels Valuation? Google search reflects as an affiiliate w/ Wells. It is another BPO mill. May be in another reopro forum or blog, but I can not find it. Would like to hear from other members of REO PRO. Thank you.


Courtney Peace Hagins  ABR CDPE HRC SFR

RE/MAX Island Realty

Hilton Head Island, SC  29926



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Sign up. They pay in 2-4 weeks. They also send several of bpos my way. I love working with them and its pretty simple work. They will call and bug the crap out of you but they are a good company.
I've worked for them for over 6 months,good to work for,they pay quick and are also affiliated with Corelogic.Their service department is super. I also like them because they call instead of you having to worry whether you can get through in time to accept it. That's how they do in our area anyway. I agree,sign up.
Seems like Rels Valuation would be a good addition to my BPO companies. However, I did a search but could not find their agent sign up page. Anyone care to share. Would be appreciated. or call 877-435-7552,they'll direct you. Good luck.


They are a great company to work with they normally pay after 3 to 5 business days of your order being approved.
In addition to paying promptly, Rels Valuation offers direct deposit. You can't beat that.

Yes, BPO only. They are easy to use, and pay on time. But no listings or even contact from asset managers.

I think their website is

Great company, so do CoreLogic. It seems that they pay before I have BPO done.

Just an opinion but I feel it is disrepectful to call a company a BPO "mill".  These companies perform a legitimate activity by finding qualified agents to do these valuations.  There are times that BPOs have been the only way to make a living in the world of shadow REO inventory.  I made a living doing BPOs for 3 years in the late 1990s and am back doing it again while I rebuild my REO business.  The only time to call them names is when they do not pay. 

Great company

Hello Cece,

Thank you for your comments. The term "bpo mill" is commonly used, even for the companies that pay well and on time. It is not intended to be disrespectfu. I, too, have completed many many broker price opinions for both companies that are strictly valuations only and for REO companies. The fees were not only a source to supplement my income, for the contacts in the REO business, but also an excellent source of knowledge of the inventory and what was coming up in the local market area.

Kind regards, Courtney


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