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I have tried for the last 12 months to figure out if Federal Home Loans utilizes an outside asset mgmt company or does REO in house. They have a ton of REOS in my marketplace - can anyone help me figure out how to apply? Thanks

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FreddieMac, I am a agent. First you must sign up at You must do BPO's and reach a certain level agent. I did BPO's for over 5 years before I was approved. FreddieMAc has a certain number of agents in each market. So I had to be at the top of the list. They keep track of your values and what the property sold for and how quickly you do your BPOs. My name came up when one of their agents here office closed. I love working with FreddieMac. As far as I know they do not outsource.
Thank you Sharon.
Good luck, do your BPOs as fast and as accurately as you can and then it is just waiting for a agent to quit or get fired.


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