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Since all of you know, my primary obsession right now is getting paid from these companies.  Since I am not the only one who has not been paid or is being paid at a very slow rate, I was wondering....

Who out there are the top 10 providers that this company owes money to?  I just wanted to try to get an idea of what they really owe...Feel free to inbox me with your responses.

I will just admit right now what a sucker I am and tell you that currently mine is sitting at about $5200 but they have promised to pay me $800/mo now until it gets caught up. So...beat that!

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First Valuation. 

After 8 months and no money I started complaining. A month later I would tell them that I am not doing any more till I got paid. I asked them to pay my invoices that were more than 6 months old, then I would continue working working. In August of 2015 they told me my first check would be issued in the of November.

Then I went online to Colorado small claims court. I made sure to file the suit for enough money that would include my traveling to their area.

A month later I got a check for payment in full about $2000.

I stopped doing BPO's. I was told by broker that is the whole industry.

Now I will do BPO's for free if I get the REO listing.


I m owed over 6K and they used to pay me 800/month until I stopped accepting work from them.  They have not paid me since January.  Much of the work they owe me for is back in the beginning of 2016.  i would love to shut these guys down. They are a Colorado company and they have stiffed hundreds of us! I hired an attorney, did little to no good.  Have to go through small claims.  Its such a pain.  They said my account is being re-evaluated.  I am going to be forced to sue.  Don't be ashamed....they are sneaky calling and promising to make feel hostage to them just to get your pay.  I make it a point to tell everyone what a crook Walter Coats is!

I need to file...looks like they will pay then.



Good luck on getting paid. I have not done anything for them in years and after hours of telephone calls and even contact the BBB i just have up after they owed me about $500

I had posted on this previously but a few years back they owed me an amount very similar to what they owe you...  They also said They would make monthly payments for the next 12 months to catch up on what I was owed or my other option was to take 75 cents on the dollar and they would send me a check within 2 weeks.  I went with the latter, yes I lost over 1500 dollars by doing this however I just didnt trust them to actually continue to pay me for over a span of 12 months...  If you have that option I would just take it and run away...

Tony, shame on you that is what they wanted and who won in this case   THEY DID.   file a small claims if you want action

I filed small claims on this Broker Price Opinion  years ago as I said to the BBB and nothing happened. The BBB got no response from Broker Price Opinion  and so the BBB just dropped the case  End of story

Hello James,

I filed a small claim with the Colorado State Court.

That woke them up and a month later I got all my money  

2 years ago, they paid me my $3000. I paid someone a few bucks to send an email to everyone in their company every 5 seconds all day for 3 days. My guess is that it shut down their production from filling their inbox. They called me on the third day and sent my whole check by the end of the month. I do it every time I get a client who doesn't pay me. But, in my course at I teach my agents not to do more than 5 orders until you get paid on the first round of BPOs or you can end up getting taken advantage of. every 5 seconds....good one I like that .... I am going to try it

thanks for the website too !!

--Francie in Florida

I am sitting at $1,400 owed to me they are saying payment will happen on this month I will see but I will also step up the pressure to make this company pay I WILL NEVER DO ANOTHER BPO for this sorry A@@S company who solicits orders but will not pay!

I was owed by them. Send an email to CEO acctng and anyone email address you can get. State that you have not been paid and if not paid in 7 days you will be placing a mechanics lien on all properties in which you have done work for the full amount owed. They will respond immediately! I did not settle but I did allow them to split my check up by 3 weeks payment. The last one was late and I gave them until the weeks end. Needless to say I received full payment! They closed my account, but who cares! Hopes this helps you guys collect your funds owed!

I am looking for large balances that are owed.  Inbox me if you are owed a large sum, and I will communicate why I am looking....


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