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Since all of you know, my primary obsession right now is getting paid from these companies.  Since I am not the only one who has not been paid or is being paid at a very slow rate, I was wondering....

Who out there are the top 10 providers that this company owes money to?  I just wanted to try to get an idea of what they really owe...Feel free to inbox me with your responses.

I will just admit right now what a sucker I am and tell you that currently mine is sitting at about $5200 but they have promised to pay me $800/mo now until it gets caught up. So...beat that!

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if you do 5 and do not get paid, you quit doing them for that company..SIMPLE, I would never let anyone get to5200., that is crazy.

I agree, if taken in that context.  Let me delve deeper into this.  

I use to work for this company, many years ago.  I never had any problems (that I can remember).  I started working with them again in October 2015.  The checks did seem to drag and when I spoke to payroll, I was told that they were 3 months out on pay.

I didn't get too concerned, as I was working for other companies, and again, I had worked for them in the past.  October would mean that I would receive pay in January.  So I waited.

In January, I did receive partial pay.  Which is somewhat expected if you are in the middle of a pay period when you start.  I didn't know where my work fell in the pay time frame.  I continued to do work, as there had been a prior issue with my profile, and I know this because a check had been sent to a different address, and again, I had no issues in the past.  They had always been a good company for me.

Long story short (or at least shorter)...I was in contact with the COO who assured me they would work on catching up and for all the orders from July forward, those would be paid in full on the pay date (90 days out).

Since then, the agreement to pay X dollars on the catch up (monthly), and the agreement to pay the full amounts from July forward were slow pay.

To the present.  I have someone working on collections.  I have not worked for them since November.  They have boosted up to $800 per month.  I have received on check for that amount since this collection started which was about a week and a half ago.  Further action may be in the works, but I place my trust in the person doing the collections as there has been some movement.

You are right, of course.  I never should have let it get to $5200, but sometimes in life, you have to have a little faith in people.  When a COO tells you something, well....I try to give them the benefit of doubt.  

My questions now can a company do such high volume business without paying it's vendors?  How do they stay in business?  How can we get the word out to ALL the agents working for this company so they aren't in the same situation I am in?  Is there a way to notify NAR?  Local Boards?  Do a group class action lawsuit?  Just some questions....

I think they have an inside connection with coors credit uniion which is connected to coors/miller bought buy Molson which is now the largest brewery in the world.  Can you imagine how many people use that credit union.  I would love to put  a lean on all the hundreds of properties I have valued for them!


Sorry to say I am a sucker too.  I did not keep very accurate records so I am not sure exactly how much money I am out of. Probably a couple thousand.  I'm trying to go back through my records now and make a spreadsheet of them so I can try to get paid somehow.  Thinking about the small claims court.  Need to check out the costs.

I never did a spreadsheet. I print 2 copies of the first page of the email order. One page goes with my research. The other page becomes my invoice. Then when payments come in, I mark them paid. 

I always keep a spreadsheet.  I include my mileage on it so that, by tax time, I can just give it to my accountant and he has a nice need record of everything.  So....I include, address, city, order number, company I am doing it for, how much the order is for, what the final price conclusion is for property, mileage, date payment received, check number and amount.  That way, I just have a quick reference at my finger tips.  I hope this helps someone out there....


If you have any legal connections, perhaps we should all consider the class action lawsuit....?

After two years of being lied to it has now become my understanding that there are two ways to get paid by this con of a company. File with the BBB in Colorado which seems to get them to trickle payment. I chose option B which is to physically go to their office in Denver. If your check is small they will not hesitate to pay to make you go away. If your check is bigger they will try to their same lie tactics. I got my check with no resistance. As I do not live in the area I went back while I was in town to also get a colleges check. They attempted to lie and say I needed to come back tomorrow. I yelled so that the manager in the back could hear to let them know that I was not going anywhere without check in hand. Ten minutes later I walked out with a check.

Do not be fooled. They have money. FirsValuation is a back up to trick more agents and for when they dissolve BrokerPriceOpinion so that they legally do not have to pay agents.

Good luck and my condolences that you have been touched by greed and deceit.

I have posted warnings of this company for the past few years. They do not follow normal business practices.  They have a very risky cash management profile. The will release payments according to accrued terms of their ill perceive cash management practices.  Regardless of your orders, they will pay you $330 per month until all payments are fulfilled. I contacted the Colorado Secretary of State's office with to no avail.  Since you never signed a formal agreement to terms of service, your payments are at their will. They treat contractors as employees under the 'work at will' protocol.  
The simplest solution is to NOT EVER DO Business with these people. 
Their business model is to churn and burn, churn through new and inexperienced BPO professionals and burn them on immediate payment.
The eventually paid my past dues - 3 months to gather, 11 months to receive payment.  Do NOT work with them at ALL!

After all - how long did it take for Popeye to figure out Wimpy was going to pay for that hamburger next Tuesday without identifying which Tuesday.

They have owed me since 2013 over 4 thousand. I have given up on ever seeing my money. They even had the nerve to say if I did not take a BPO they would not call me what you never pay anyway

Crooks and liars is all they are.  I fell for the old if you will do these we will get you a check in the mail.  2 years later they owe me almost $2000 and I have been doing this for 37 years, I know better. 

I got all owed me.  I'm trying to remember what I did.  I think I signed up into the Secretary of State's office and did a name search to find the registered attorney. I believe it was a fairly common name, but I called every attorney in the bar association and left multiple messages stating "If it's not you I apologize, but please call me if you would like to assist me in a lawsuit which could include your claims for potential defamation of character."

Their accountant finally called back (with a cheerful voice) and the payments started.


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