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Whats the consensus on this one ?Anyone going? The price goes up after 6/30/10..... Am curious as to everyones thoughts on this...... Pls advise???   Thanks ALL!!!




Rose Mencia

Sundance Realty South Florida, Inc

Hollywood, Fl.

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It was great for me last year, I pick up two clients, and a lot of knowledge, I signed up have the hotel reservation, flight booked and I am ready to be there in Sept.
How did you meet your clients at the conference, at the bar? a class??? I may go....-am still thinking about it, although the discount ends on the 30th--- so I better
met one client at the first day breakfast, he didn't tell me that he was a vendor relation, the other I met at a bar.
ahh... okay.....that seems easier than trying to meet them at reo expo....and less stressful!!! great!!
I am considering going since my parents live out there and that will be another great opportunity for my daughter to hang with her grandparents, in addition, to building new relationships in the Land of REO.
We'll be setting up as vendors at this one and also having a party for our preferred partner members as well! If you don't go on our cruise I'd love to see you again Rose! If I'm not mistaken this one is bigger than the REO Expo.
Yes, because everyone will be there. It is harder to meet the right connections because of the number of agents, but the size of this conference means that there will be a lot of people from the industry there. I will be attending again.
I'll pass forever with Five Star. The first and last convention of theirs I went to in Dallas over a year ago was packed with a bunch of noobs trying to hound the Asset Managers! I could barely get in to any of the meetings and it was standing room only. Seems like a waste of money to me. JMHO.
that's pretty much where I am Richard. the 'exclusive' networking had so many people that they had to have it outdoors. so we real estate agents networked with ourselves. couldn't get into sessions for the 2nd year in a row. 3 years ago was very good, then down hill from there. thinking about just going to the asset company sessions which are supposed to be 2 afternoons. but I'm tired of Dallas/Ft Worth. Rather go to a conference anywhere else.
Hmm---- thats what I'm afraid of.... I also have the Farvv conference in Orlando in July...... seem's like it would be more productive.....
I have gone for the past 5/6 years. The first 3 three years it was terriffic. Last year was so large I didn't feel I got much out of it.I met 2 or three agent who did not attend the conference but had pre arranged meetings with clients. I'm still on the fence if I'll go...


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