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Aloha All,

Not looking for any type of solicitations, just honest opinions from agents whom sell REO's. I have been giving thought to attending the 2018 five star conference next month in Dallas, Texas. Traveling from Maui, Hawaii it's not exactly around the corner or inexpensive. Does anyone here have any success stories getting new business directly related to attending this or a similar event ?

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I was already in the REO biz by the time 5 Star had a curriculum aimed at real estate agents so I can't speak to any current opportunities for new business.  I think everyone should go at least once mainly for the sessions. There is very little opportunity to influence the decision makers at the conference because, in my last experience. very few asset managers attend and most can't make direct assignments on their own.  I read through this year's program because I was thinking about going. There's not much aimed for agents to get me there. Especially for the price. 

Note that the last time I went was at the height of the real estate crisis in 2008 or 2009.  It was too crowded with inexperienced agents trying to get an in.  Asset managers made themselves scarce and sessions were overcrowded. They were run by mostly platform managers, not bank REO VPs. 

Things change though and someone who has attended more recently will probably have better insights. Remember that the organization was developed for lenders.  When they needed us, they made huge amounts of money.  Then they decided to have a high paying "exclusive" agent organization with rallies and such when agents stopped going in droves. My opinion. 

Hi Cece..

.Thank you for the input. Still undecided. Might go....



Some agents worked in visits to their existing Dallas area clients while there. 

Did you go?  How was it?

Hi Cece, No I didn't ....hopefully next year

So I went to my first 5 Star Conference this year. I found it to be well worth the money. The people I met and networking were worth it alone. Some of the real estate labs were better than others. There were some good deals at the EXPO where some vendors conference exclusive discounts.

I was able to meet some new friends in person for the first time that I had only known through Facebook groups, learn how they are doing business that could help better mine, and I did get some new REO contacts that I hope lead to future business. It also motivated me being around other successful agents.

One agent in our group got a new REO company and a listing assignment before we even left Dallas.


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