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I have been considering going to the conference in Texas? Anyone going?

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Wow, Hugo.  I can't believe there isn't already a discussion here on this yet.  This may be the year to go.  I expect that agent attendance will be down due to lack of direct access to asset managers in the past and the overcrowding of break-out sessions.  It is a conference you should attend at least once!  It can be fun and educational.  It can increase your network of agents across the country.  It can give you an idea of which companies to apply to.  You might find out why you can't get any assignments from particular companies.  If you work it right, it will be exhausting.  

I've been to 3, I think.  They started out good but got too big for any meaningful interaction with prospective 'employers'.  I thought I was going to be pushed over the balcony at the Anatole just trying to get into a session.  

I also stayed next door once just because I didn't feel like paying for the Anatole again.  It IS a beautiful hotel and you should stay there if you can.  As for me, Cece has 'done Dallas'.  I usually try to do some vacationing when I take these trips from Akron Ohio, but there's nothing left to see after also attending REOExpo in Ft Worth.  I'd rather spend a little more and go to a conference in San Francisco!  

I would, however, like to hear Barney Frank's Compliance Caucus address.  That would be the only well known feature speaker that truly understands the mortgage business much less anything at all about the real estate industry.

Barney Frank ought to understand the housing mess backwards and forwards. He was instrumental in causing it and then doubling down with Dodd-Frank. I'd love to attend just to say as much to that crokked b*****d.

I'm going. I was twice in Dallas, once in Forth Worth  and last year for Expo in Grapevine. Each time was very educational a rewarding.  

I am going for first time this year and my REO coach Mike C advised me that it is worth going. I am also a Fivestar member and I got a great discount for the conference and if you decided to go, I can introduce to some to get possible discount. 

You can e-mail me at

Good Luck!

Michelle Lee



I am making plans to go and would love to take advantage of any possible discounts for the trip which is kind of hefty.  Would you mind advising me as well.


Loys White

Hi Loys, 

I am in So California and you can call me at 818-825-4110 or send me an e-mail directly to me at and let me know how I can be of help to you. 

Michelle Lee

See you there!

Please say hello to me when you are in TX


Hi everyone! 

Since we are on a subject on Five Star Conference, if any lady like to share a hotel in Dallas TX Sept 7 to 10th, please contact me. I have reserved room at Double tree and it is a block away from conference hotel and please e-mail me at

Michelle Lee

I'll be there!

I'm on my way to the Five Star now. 3rd time for me! Worth every penny....

Who's here right now and are you meeting somewhere?


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