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I'm looking to partner up with a few people for the "Lender Open Houses". If you been to Five Star before you've found you can't hit every lender open house. So I'm looking for a few people who want the info of every lender open house. We can meet up with the schedule and plan it out on who hits which ones. At the end of the conference or when we return we can each compile our info and exchange with all the participants. 
Please email me or reply on this forum. 

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sign me up,  I have never gone to FSI before so any tips would be appreciated.
I love that idea as I always have the same challenge!  I will be in 9/11-14th, pls email at:, it would be great to divide and conquer!

Hello, Send me both of your numbers and I'll call you on Monday morning set-up. I have one other person on board so we should be able to gather all the info of each lender house and share the info at the conclusion of the event. I've done this the last 3-4 events and it has always worked well.


To our success!



Carey Eckert



My phone number is 206-919-7651.

Lets do this. Lets all meet at 9am at the Gossip Bar to get started. See y'all their!


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