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Has anyone ever worked with this asset management company?

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I am in Ca. and received a call yesterday wanting to sign me up, yes the property they mentioned was in pre-foreclosure mode, I gracefully turned down the opportunity but indicated I would be more than happy to pay their fee at close of escrow  no response as of yet.

Received a call again from this company wanting me to do a bpo on the exact address they called me before.  The first caller hung up the phone after going back and forth why should I pay upfront for a BPO.  Second caller today basically was stumped and played dumb.  I graciously declined the "REO".  This is a scam. 

I'm in Orange County California and just received a call from Ashley Tayler who interviewed me and offered me a listing. First thing that I found odd was they paying a 6% commission.... I said really! she asked why I was surprised. I told her that I have been selling REOs for years and can't remember when I had a 6% commission. It sounded like she was reading from a script. Sooooo I started interviewing her. Not impressed. I told her I would need to research the company, but I had NEVER paid an upfront fee. She then offered me 8 listings right away. I told her I would need to call her back. I'll call her and tell her I will pay the fee once the listing is sold. I will keep everyone updated. 

They called me today... never mentioned the $ until I got their email... thanks for saving me $400!  Just replied back letting them know that we don't pay portal fees (well equator we do) and would not be able to complete the BPO for them.

I was just contacted by someone from this company. I'm glad I checked it out on here because I've never been asked to pay $399 to join any REO portal before getting an REO.  It's probably a scam...I'll pass on their offer.

I had the exact same experience with them.  Seems like a way to get bpo's for free and take you money too..

I just received a call from a Courtney Carter wanting to sign me up to make a lot of money in my area doing BPO's and getting the listings.  She interviewed me and  I interviewed her and after all was said and done as i was filling out the documents for her company on line she tells me its $399....I told her i have never paid to get listing leads and she said this is not leads but actual properties being sold.  The house she was referring to was in pre foreclosure status and I KNEW the owner.  I told her i have never been asked by an asset company to pay any monies up front she got nasty and said i must be a very lucky realtor not having to pay.....i said i guess i am and hung up!! This is probably a SCAM!

I just received a call from John @ Fleetwood Partners offering me a similar deal. Drive by exterior but has to be on their platform which cost $399/year. I asked for references which have not been provided.  This sure does not feel right.

I am so glad that I googled this company before I gave them a credit card. I know I should know better, but I was busy and the guy on the phone was a fast talker! I am in Florida and the address he gave me was in my area. He said it was a preforeclosure, but was being listed by the bank??? This sounds like a scam.

Ahhh! Hello everyone. I just received a call from "Derrick Miller". And my interview w/ him was unconventional and awkward. He gave me the typical pitch of he has a listing and wants a BPO done and I would need to pay $399 for signing up to his portal.

REO companies do not charge any fees. This company is bogus and just out there to screw more agents. Originally! there was another company and the guy's name a Rocco,ABS something. Now its these shit heads. What doesn't make sense to me is that these A-holes spend aloof time coming up with how to create scams and rip people off. Why not use your talents for something worth while and add to society positively.

They just called me as well.  A John Karas was the rep.  Needless to say (after already being stung by IREO) I declined.  They couldn't name any of their clients as well.

Hi Brenda what's IREO?


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