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Has anyone ever done business with Footprints RE.  I filled out their vendor form a few weeks ago.  Received a phone call last week from some from the company & they stated that the had an REO listing in my area, but in order to service the listing I had to pay $300 to use their platform which is similar to Equator or RES.NET.  Has anyone else signed up with this company or had any type of experience with them?

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Amazing this people can continue to scam Realtors without recourse.


I believe the problem is that Realtors are not complaining to
on how companies are scamming the Realtors by abusing the domain name.  Got the information from for domain name being abuse.

I believe you can file one with Homeland Security at or .


Also, Realtors should contact their credit card company explain which companies are scamming for money, how they do it, what they don't deliver as promises, and copies of complaints or links of complaints.  That way, there is a tract record in the credit card industry.  And you might get your money back.


You can find out who are responsible of any domain name at

Yes, I signed up with them a couple of months ago, was told the $300 was an initial fee and if the property that I was to do the bpo on went "for sale" I would get the listing.  I didn't get the address until after I paid the money and found out it was a short sale which did eventually sell. I did get paid $50.00 for the bpo (exterior) and have not heard from them again.  However, I must add that I live in California in a resort town.  Good luck!

I demanded my $300 be returned immediately and received a refund in 48 hours.

No kidding,

They ignore my request


In my experience, even Wells Fargo Bank charges $115 per property that they give to list...have you received REO listings from a bank without having to pay an initial fee?

I received a call from them today. They asked for $300. I told them to send me the service referral agreement and I would let them know. It gave me time to read about them on here. I will not give them a penny. Absolute got me a few years ago and they are from the same area.

I sadly fell for this one and paid the $300. After a few weeks with no activity and another agent in our office receiving the same information (song and dance), I requested my money back and RECEIVED IT. They credited back my entire $300 for what it's worth.


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