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 Has anyone heard of this company or currently doing work for them?  Are they legit?  They contacted me with a listing they can assign me once I get "certified" with them.  The rep said they use their own platform and require agents to take an online certification test before placing any assignments...all for a $300 fee.  A week or so ago I was signing up on some new sites and did sign up with them prompting their call...However, I can't remember now how I learned about them in the first place.  I do BPO's for multiple companies and have never paid a dime, now just getting into REOs, but don't think I should have to pay to get started.


Would love your feedback

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Got the call today from 224-365-4516-

From the asset manager at Banker REO (FootprintsRE). They have upgraded their marketing campaign to

a questionaire on your business, number of REO's, etc. The approval process took 5 minutes straight

to asking for my credit card. What a scam. Fraud all the way. BEWARE-

I heard it's Absolute REO w/ another name...

Exactly.  The video provides much evidence.   I created another video that is shorter and to the point that we can use if needed.

I received an email from them with a business address of 2344 Bellvue Place, Northboork, Illinois, 60062.  I googled this and it is a residential address.  I even found the SOLD MLS listing!  Seems fishy to me.

And by the way guys, DON'T be intimidated by those handwritten Cease & Desist letters.  There is NOT a corporation on file or a company by the name of FootprintsRE in the state of Illinios.  I asked multiple times what the NAME of their company was to the woman who threatened me with that email, and she refused to even provide me with the NAME of their company!!  I found a Footprints REO, but no company named FootprintsRE, Inc or FootprintsRE, LLC.  Legally, can't we say that FootprintsRE is a a complete SCAM without worrying about legal reprise, if there isn't a company that is actually CALLED FootprintsRE?

Again, I made another video that is only a minute long but proves beyond a doubt that FootprintsRE is just a continuation of Banker REO.

Sent info to them about 2 weeks ago.  Got call back today.  Zach wanted to assign me a BPO that would lead to listing.
I gave him my info less authorization to charge me. 

They sent the assignment.  It was listed 6 days ago.  I called Zach back, got "the magic jack customer is unavialble, plz leave msg"

Meanwhile I did my research I should have already done.  And, of course I found all of these remarks.  
Zach called back and in short, when I asked for references, he said "I don't have time to deal with this"  I told him I won't deal with them.  
While I was typing this, Paul Starkey called back.  I could barely get a word in.  When I asked for references, he went into this long winded response without giving any.  When I asked if FootprintsRE was connected to Bankers REO or any other company, he denied it.  I again asked for references.  I tried to talk with him, even offered to do the bpo without charge while I checked them out and waited for references.  I even reverted to yelling, simply because I couldn't get a word in over his talk.  
Paul said he will show me how legit they are because in a couple of months, they will have it all on the website.  
I tried to tell him I want information now, not in 2 months.  
In short, he threatened to sue me if I posted anything derogatory.  This is informative by the way, you form you own opinion of Paul Starkey, Zach Phillips and FootprintsRE.  
Gee, they are active. I just got an official notice of WARNING in a "proprietary" message informing me that I threatened them with actions of slander and defamation. So, I can't copy the message here.  

So, Footprints may and may not be a legitimate company.  I won't give them my money to find out.  

Had Mr Starkey given me time to talk, I would have discussed his situation.  Unfortunately, he insisted on talking without giving me much opportunity.  

Mr. Starkey, I welcome you to call and or post here and explain your company to me and the others.  Your threats of legal action won't help you with anyone here.  And, I understand you have a legal action against Mike Linkenauger.  Whether his video is, as you said "fabricated" or not is yet to be determined.  We all await the outcome of this. 
Meanwhile, we are all waiting for someone that is satisfied with your company to step up and  tell us.  

I wish you well, sir, but I can do without you and your company.  

Almost forgot, When I told Zach the property he assigned for a BPO had been listed for 6 days, he said "the mls service has it wrong" .  Guess that means the agency that input the data to MLS is wrong and the company that assigned them is wrong also?  First time I heard this one! 

Everything about FootprintsRE is similar to BankersREO (even the location).  As we all know, BankerREO is a scam.  Proceed with caution.



Watch this 2-minute video PROVING that Banker REO and FootprintRE are the exact same company!


Don't fall for the FootprintsRE SCAM! FootprintsRE is not and REO Asset Management Company, nor are they even a REAL company!! They are just doing the same, exact scam they did as Banker REO, and before that as Absolute REO (ABS REO)


Share this video exposing them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + and help it get VIRAL!

Join the LinkedIn Group to get them shut down -

Funny, the day after I had my conversation with Starkey, he emailed me back. Apparently he just found my post.  Must not be that computer literate because he didn't have the ability to read the timelines.  I emailed him after I posted the email, but he thought I had just posted later.  
He threatened me again and insisted I remove my post. AND, he Blackballed me.  

Then, I get an email last night with an urgent need for an agent.  Guess his blackball is broke.  
These guys are trouble.   

Don't let them intimidate you!!

I demanded that they show me their CORPORATE name and real company name, and they emailed me a link to the Illinois division of corporations and they claim they are Footprints REO, Inc.  The funny thing, is that there IS NO COMPANY called Footprints RE, LLC.!

How can they take legal action against us if their company does not exist! 

Good question, Mike.  They keep demanding we "cease and desist" but offer no proof of their own existence. I know if I had a company that had so many negative remarks, I would at least post a rebuttal.  Instead, every time someone ask about a Footprints RE Scam, they don't provide evidence to the contrary.  
Paul Starkey acts like the school yard bully on the phone.  Turn and say boo! and he tucks his tail and hides. 
Poor ole Zach is just his bootlicker as we would say in the south. 

Bootlicker is a friendly term for these scum.  You should have heard what I called them in an email yesterday after they tried to slander and discredit ME for what I was saying!!

The REO Industry is a VERY small world.  I have asked three different people over there to tell me ONE company that they outsource for.  ONE Lender/servicer who they work with.  You see, they will not do it, because it will be more written evidence of their flat out fraud!

They LOVE to follow this forum! Trust me, the way they stayed in business before was likely from referring a "made up" BPO or two to agents who were active on this forum.  You see, a "Vocal" agent here on REO Pro who posts alot pays them $300 to join.  They KNOW if they send that person business (from REOs or Short Sales off MLS/Public Records), he will comment on how they are legitimate and send him legitimate business and just paid him $55 or whatever for a BPO!  Small investment on their part for a BIG return.

DON'T let this happen anymore!


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