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For those of you who do Landsafe BPO's here's a time saving trick

The new form as we know is cumbersome and painstaking, but here's a trick I just thought of and it works. Maybe I'm slow to the game maybe other's have thought of this, but here goes. Create a "Master.env" file. fill out all the info that's always the same like SFR, fee simple, MLS, etc. your signature info on page 3 and then save it as an .env file. When you open a new order just load the form using this .env file and save yourself having to fill in all that data!  Wow!  I'm thrilled with myself. Time saver!!

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Thanks for the tip this method definitely saves time.

actually, right now I'm having trouble getting this to work as some of the data from the file that you create the master from is incompatible with the current file you are trying to fill. I am looking for a programmer type person to help me with this, if I find a solution I will post it! 

Yes, I realized that after I tried it.  Did you ever get a fix?

Great idea, Stephan!  Thank you thank you thank you!  I also just use single letters for things like P,F,A,VG,E for condition, A,V,B for siding, etc.


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