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Foreclosure Suspension - 23 States? Which Ones? What about Public Trustee States?


I am in Colorado, which is a Public Trustee state.  I have listed and sold 1 REO so far and am chasing getting more.

With this current foreclosure suspension, due to the "robo-signing", I want to know which 23 states they keep talking about.  Are those the states with Judicial Foreclosure laws as distinct from those states with Public Trustees?


So, what I want is a resource to know:

- Which 23 states are the suspensions in ?

- Where can I find a listing of the states that are Judicial Foreclosure states ?

- Does it look like foreclosures will still be going forward in Public Trustee states?



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This article has a list of the 23.

Colorado isn't on it. See the post above yours, BoA has stopped foreclosures in all 50 states.
Thank you Brett! Got it about B of A.
According to the latest news it's in all 50 states now.
Thanks Scott. For all banks, not just B of A ? Dang, my timing for getting in to the REO game kind of stinks!
I heard all others would likely follow B of A. unitl some type of new regulations are implemented, and now Congress will probably get involved...
Regulators from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency have told seven major banks to review their foreclosure procedures after Bank of America joined JPMorgan and GMAC (now known as Ally Financial) in freezing their foreclosure processes.

Banks that regulators contacted include HSBC, Citigroup Inc., PNC Financial Services Group Inc., and U.S. Bankcorp (USB).

Simultaneously, title insurer Old Republic National said Friday it would stop insuring the sales of homes foreclosed by JPMorgan Chase & Co. or GMAC Mortgage until questions about documentation are cleared. An inability to get title insurance could bring home sales to a halt.


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