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This guy rocks his call today was awesome! He is so straight forward with info and he walks the walk every day in the trenches with us Reo agents. Shout out to Shiya Gross on there today to a fellow reopro friend, pls forgive ne if I mis spelled your name Shiya.

ASREO. Reo renegades all reopro folks you should google it if you don't already know about this guy.

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Please share your experience with Frank and ASREO. How has he helped you increase your business?
He just has some great insight and information very releavent to what is going on today. He has his own blog type forum and web site on REO and related services, so he most likely will not get too active here. He comments of the usefullness of various tools, web sites etc. Changes going on at some of the banks, outsourcers he is hearing of hiring and even recruiting right now. I always get ideas of items to take action on from him, it is all of the little peices that add up to increasing my business. I am just saying if you are interested in more info, he is worth checking out. No sugar coating, he does not claim this is easy stuff, he gives you advice for putting things in to action and putting your hard work into the right directions to go get REO. His services are not FREE. I think it is well worth the investment. I was impressed enough by a call I caught yesterday to share it here.
Did you sign up with ASREO and if so when and have you received any assignments yet? I will gladly pay if they are legite.

Dear Jessica: Do you have the link to Frank's blog? Would you share same? Thanks

Steve Moller

Jessica, is this a REO couching system????
i was a member for a while with this guys-[asreo] but after several months I noticed the same information is repeated over and over. i send them an email to ask if they always give the same information and how ofthen they give new info. no responds.
asreos is not a place to get listings. They are a group much like that that share ideas and meet to help each other improve their businesses. Remember knowledge is power so if you know what is coming in the industry you can prepare yourself for it and hopefully benefit.


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