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I'm getting free BPO assignments from USRES, they don't pay for BPOs but agent will have chance to get a listing, I don't know if I should accept them, is anyone received any listings from USRES doing free BPOs?

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Go for it, but make sure you are signed with RES.NET first ($250). I was thinking like you and I really like that company, they are easy to work with, and they use FAS so you don't have to worry about fronting money while managing the property. I almost forget, most likely you wont get the property that you are doing the BPO for, but they will give you another, and you have to do 10 to 15 BPO's before you get your first listing. their forms are easy and the BPO can be done in 20 minutes.
Jose, thank you for your advise.
I enjoy working with USRES. I say go for it. Make sure you sign up with ResNet.
Thanks Daniel, I'm a member of ResNet. Good help from you. Have a great day.
Accept them. I've been doing them for about 3 months and they sent me a listing 2 weeks ago.
Tessa, good luck with your listing, keep them happy:)
Thanks for help.
I have done several, several FREE BPOs for USRES not one listing, yet!! It's kind of crazy!! You pay them $250 and you get to do FREE BPOs, go figure!!
BTW, they gave me an option that if I do FREE BPOs, I may get a listing, or I can be paid per BPO and guaranteed no listings!!! I pay them to work for FREE!!!
Seems to be the question we are all asking. I just uploaded a similar forum post. Hopefully we will get some clarification. It appears that it is worth the risk to do the free BPO's. I love working for My listings come in waves. I like the site and the BPO platform is much easier than some of the other ones.
Does anyone have more recent experience with USRES & RESNET? I have been doing free BPOs for USRES, got one listing after I did about 25 BPOs, have done another 20 BPOs for USRES (I never turn one down from them).
There was a long dry spell on BPOs from them.
My question is: Is this what everyone is seeing? Any way to get more listings from them?
Do the best job you can for them, it's frustrating doing free ones,but I just got my first listing,not one I did a BPO for. I'm glad I stuck it out. Starting free ones all over again,just working them in with the paying ones.I agree....Go for it!
Man! Why did I not read this before I signed up. Jose said it right in the first reply. I signed up with USRES and have completed right around 20 BPOs. Then I look up and a buyer of mine has sent me an email of a listing that look familar. I look in my email folder and of course I did a BPO on that property a while back. But that's not all I also have follow up emails on all properties I did BPOs on. You would think that would have refreshed their memory of me, right? Wrong!

So guess what I did. I called the agent on the listing and asked them how they obtained it. He was so kind to tell me from ATLAS REO and on top of that he had stopped doing BPOs for USRES because there where to many free ones and no listings. I admit USRES will send you like 3 or 4 BPOs back to back and several in the same day. I do not want to look up all the other BPOs I did and see them on MLS in SOLD status :(

Can anyone help me, PLZ! I have been doing this for about 2 years and no listings I have signed up for pretty much all of the FREE Asset companies and I have paid for LAMCO (aka lendersreo) only because previously they were FREE and I got paid. I figure what the heck now they want money maybe they'll give me more BPOs and hopefully some listings.

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