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Learn from a former asset manager about how to create an effective REO Resume!

  • What the Asset Managers really want to see
  • What content and format actually works
  • Order of importance for your information
  • What to avoid
  • How listings are really assigned
  • Effective REO Marketing strategies


There are two dates to choose from:

Wed., Nov. 2nd - 9am - 10am Pacific


Thurs., Nov. 3rd - 10am - 11am Pacific


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Thanks Tony,


Tony's free webinar today was filled with quality information about what asset managers are looking for when preparing a good resume. Topics included discussing what information that is really important, what to leave out, the use of text and colors, zip codes, and effective self promotion. Additionally as a bonus, Tony shared insights from an asset manager's perspective on assigning listings, BPOs in relation to REO listings, his opinion on the Equator and premium programs, effective asset manager follow up and communication, comments on industry certifications, and insider knowledge on particular outsourcers and servicers. At the end, Tony offered a free but valuable surprise bonus.


Because of my satisfaction with this free webinar, I will be keeping my eye out for more of Tony's webinars, both free and fee, and possibly looking to assist me in the development of a Marketing Package in the future with Tony's company REOwarrior.


I am not getting paid to post this, I just found the webinar to be informative and helpful.

Are there archived copies of the Webinar for those who missed it?


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