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So my "Almost" 2nd quarter has started off kind of good. As of today over 30 transactions closed, which isn't to bad. I just received an email from an AM saying that one of my high dollar properties will get reassigned in 2 weeks if there is not an offer. Well, they rejected 3! Home has been on market for 53 days and now the gun is in my face! This business isn't built for those with thin skin. Exhausting all of my energy on selling this home has been a strenuous process for my team and me but life goes on. This is something that will continue to happen in our business. They will assign they will take away...That's why it is imperative to have more than 1 steam of income. Good luck to all of my fellow Brokers in this up and coming 2nd quarter! Show them that we ARE needed and kick some A** SELLING!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hopefully you behind a podium when you were typing this. Well said!
Should have been uh? LOL! Well, hopefully all can learn from this. We have to reinvent ourselves everyday in order for us to survive. I'll give you a call later this week. Got some good leads for you.
Thanks Marqueze I'll be looking forward to your call. Take care.
Hey guys do not leave me behind . Send some leads over here to....... You go Marqueze , wonderful
Got ya!


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