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After 2 years and 36 BPO's I got an REO assignment from Goodman Dean. I hope their Asset Managers are as wonderful to work with as the valuation department.

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Congrats Marcy!  One of my agents did the same thing.  He did probably 100+ BPO's for them and then they started assigning him stuff. 

Great to hear Marcy! Goodman Dean is great to work with!  I've had two or three REO's from Goodman Dean in the last couple of years. To me, Goodman Dean is an 'A+' company...both BPO & REO. I hope your Goodman Dean experience even exceeds mine. Best Regards....

Congrats Marcy. That's very encouraging.  I've completed about 40 bpo's for Goodman Dean so maybe my REO listing is just around the corner.

Just did the re-key. The place is gorgeous. Former owner left it cleaner than my equity sale owners leave their homes.

Agreed. Goodman Dean is A+. I'm at 30+ mark with them but no REOs yet. Would it help to contact their REO dept. directly?

I don't know. I didn't. I think they may have just gotten a new account because it is from a lender I never did a BPO for. However I did sell one of this lender's REO's for LRES previously so maybe Goodman Dean just go the account and had not previously had assets in my area.

Hello everyone I am new to BPO's & I am working on my first one from Goodman Dean. I know how to do the cops and fill the information in. But I have a few things I need help with. I am in Los Angeles CA.
I heard it's a certain way to describe the neighborhood description? I need help with that. If you have an example of what to say that the great. Market conditions...... How should I describe that two of them. The houses are saying longer on the market over 90 days for what I see. Sales comparison analysis..... Sold comp #1,#2,#3. How should I answer these questions?

Tours the bottom after repair items additional comments. This is like a summary of everything? What normally goals here and what verbiage that there looking four or maybe even so can we should add that protect us as agents. I need extra income I really would do my best that this form is so intimidating. thank you grope for your time.


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