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I used to do a good amount of BPOs for this company, but I haven't seen any lately. They used to give REOs as well. I guess they are alive, but they sent me an e-mail asking me for a background check. Has anyone received Listings in the last year? If you are doing BPOs who is their main client?

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They are alive and well.  I do BPOs for them on a regular basis and they are one of my favorite companies to do valuations for because they are easy to communicate with and pay in a timely manor.

However, even though I have been doing BPOs for them for years, I have never received an REO property from them so I don't know if they have the capability to assign assets. 

Excellent company. I have done many BPOs for them. No REOs. Pay on time.

Very good company and they pay. No REOs..I have done many BPOs.

Yes they are, I still do a few each week for them. 

Agree with all the comments above.  Good company, they pay timely, easy to work with.  We too only have done BPO's, no REO to date.

Goodman Dean is the name of the company?  I was wondering if Equitrax was still alive.  Haven't received a BPO from them since last July. 

Sounds like I should work for Goodman and quit wasting time with Valuation Vision!

I had listings in 2010, 2011, 2013 but none in 2014 and only occasionally BPO.  Stick with them they are extremely  good company. 

They give BPOs but lost their main source/company for REOs (Aurora). 

GoodmanDean is a great company, Do a considerable amount of bpos for them but have never received an Reo,.

James Loftis

Real Estate 911 Inc  Broker/Owner

Used to get listings, still get about 5 to 8 bpo per months

They are still around. I use to do a lot of BPOs for them, but the amount has slowed down in my area. I did a couple recently and just got a check from them yesterday.

How does Goodman Dean pay? ACH transfer or mail you the check?


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