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I was wondering if anyone does these bpos and if so is it hard to catch?  They been coming in but on my pc they are gone so fast does anyone have any input on this issue?  Please share

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I do them. Not hard to catch for me.

Are they using Realty Pilot for BPOs?


Yes I am on Reality Pilot also Derrick I log in as soon as they come and are gone.  I tried from my phone and from my pc with pilot on I never had this problem with the other companies any suggestions?

I'm not sure Irfan. For me they seem to stick around for a little while. I've been doing them for a long time since the Infinity days so maybe I am one of their preferreds and they give me first crack. I also have a souped up 16GB dual core solid state harddrive so maybe I'm getting them a little faster through the email? I can't say. When you do get one, and you eventually will just keep at it, just do an outstanding job and they will come back to you. I have even had a GRC asset manager call me up to do a BPO on the REO platform. But I am not preferred enough to get an asset yet! :)


                   Thanks for your input  every bit of info helps.  Good Luck!!!!

I have received no more than 8 invitations for SF Bay last 3 years.

Like others I don't get invited often like other companies. I completed just 1 BPO. Frankly, I think they charge lenders more than other bpo mills. Those who do a lot of work probably use iphone to catch it.  They do assign reos in obscure localities. 

As for the entire area the local economy is so strong, only 0.12% of homes are in bank hands. Those 0.15% of home owners who are 90 days late but most are able to pull out that trouble and there are hardly any short sales. Condition of the real estate changes quickly. The BPOs are for ss and refi or heloc approval.

Green River has clients that require they assign BPOs out directly and not through a blast. Lately they have been issuing more through a blast and it should get easier to catch since their volume is picking up. I suggest finding out who your valuation manager is in your area and call them directly. Explain why you are best suited and what set you a part when completing a BPO. They want good responsive agents. You can look up the valuation managers in Realty Pilot under Clients/Asset Companies. Go to View All Managers tab and expand the search. In the search field called Asset type GREEN and hit go. This will display about 70+ valuation managers and their contact information. They do want to know who you are.

I hope this helps.


                Thanks for your input I greatly appreciate it!!!   Since this my first experience with them once you are assigned the BPO how long do they give you to complete the assign bpo form?  Before passing it along?  Thanks any input is greatly appreciated.



The BPO record will state when the BPO is due. If you hover over the date on the list of BPOs a tool tip pop-up provides a complete detail of from/to and time it is due. Also the details icon under the function column also provides this information

Well Thanks for everyone's input I have been using Pilot and It is a great catching BPOS now from green river and others.

Yeah I  only grabbed a few from them they haven't sent any in a couple weeks now they told me it  just depends when they get bulk orders.  That Friday order by Sunday I have those too.  Good Luck to you willy  


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