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I just got accepted as a vendor with GRC. Can someone shed some light into their business practice?  Do they negotiate fees prior to accepting BPO orders? Do they pay on time? Any feedback on your experience would be greatly appreciated. 

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yes, they pay on time

Yes, I agree that form is cumbersome. My first order was a BPO Exterior w/Rental. I nearly wanted to stop half way through, but it's just not my style and I really wanted to make a good first impression. Hopefully, the pocket change from the BPO's will lead to more dollars on the REO listing side.

Hi Taimi,

My team has completed, literally thousands, of GRC BPOs. If you would like my assistance in completing them as well as registering you with other BPO companies, please reach out to me. ;)

Never Never do a BPO for price they send, they only want to pay 30 or 37.50.  I don't do them for less than 75 up to 125 but I have been working with Green River since 2008 and I am pretty seasoned with them. They do pay monthly and I have never not been paid.  Hang in there with them, they are pretty good to work with I sell REOs with them and they do have other companies under the same umbrella so you could get work from more than just them. Good Luck

Very motivating, thanks for sharing Sherri!

I worked for them on Realtypilot - it worked well - this was a system that did auto fill, so took less time.

Now they switched to BPOfulfillment, a lot more complicated form, does not auto fill and they pay less.

I probably won't do very many for them.

I agree, that form is ponderous. We'll see what happens...In the final analysis, I may post an update with a GRC success story one day!

GreenRiver used to be very good company to work with, both BPO and REO.  Now they are on my DO NOT ACCEPT list because I refuse to work with user unfriendly forms that take forever to complete and follow up with ridiculous qc requests. Also I doubt they have any REOs, I have not seen one in the last 4 years in my market area.


They always pay, worked with them for 4 years, never had any troubles. Started with lots of REOs from them when they had the Fannie Contract. None in the past 3 years from them. Have been working the bpos and rental checks for them the past 3 years on Realty Pilot platform, now they have purchased bpo fulfillment, I will not be doing any more they lowered the price from $79.00 to 17.50 and 37.50. When they used Realty pilot it was not unusual for me and my partner to do drive by inspections and interior checks, and reports for 25-40 in a weekend, now you can't finish 8 in a whole weekend on the new platform. However they always pay and some of the nicest people in the business. Wish they would have bought Realty Pilot, LOL.

Thanks for sharing Debra!

I receive BPO solicitations from Green River through BPOfulfillment.  They pay $35 in the Washington DC Metro area and I have yet to accept any.  But they are grabbed up quickly by other hungry agents.  


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