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7/30 Green River Capital is going nuts with orders-told you so....


Green River is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to Realty Pilot if you want them 

Green River Capital released over at least 4000 unassigned paying BPOs to the Realty Pilot system last night . If you are a current Realty Pilot user please login or open your Realty Pilot smartphone app to view these available BPOs. This is a tip to make money...our firm is not affiliated with either...

Your welcome 

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I have no affiliation with Realty Pilot what so ever- they just have a spike up in orders from Green River - I have neither offered any services to you or solicited you..

They sent an email to many of our clients exactly the way you see it below 

Are you available to complete BPOs in your area?

Attention Real Estate Professionals, Green River Capital about to release over 7200 unassigned paying BPOs to the Realty Pilot system. If you are a current Realty Pilot user please login or open your Realty Pilot smartphone app to view these available BPOs. 

Realty Pilot members receive email notifications of open BPOs prior to non members for over 20 clients distributing BPOs through our system. 

Get started today with a *free account by clicking HERE and selecting Free Account as your package type. 

*Free accounts are limited to a single Client.

Except they are no longer accepting brokers. And, portions of their site do not work.  People, Ive done over 3,000 BPOs. There is a cottage industry built around this whole part of the business. Its to take your money. Many companies saythey are going to match you to lenders/servicers or that the lenders check their portal sites looking for agents.  HOGWASH!  Dont pay for any of these services. Stick to direct contact with the portals.  I hate shameless self serving threads such as this.  Just went and tried for the FREE account mentioned. They want your credit card information anyway---and the 'free' account is limited. They didnt say how limited. Ive wasted enough time there.

Interesting that I talked about this a day before the Moderator himself sent this to all the members Today- I hope some members took advantage to actually make some money on my tip 

Well, I tried and was told they were not accepting brokers. Their site isnt user friendly and took some navigation to even try. Then I finally got into a AREA WHERE i COULD GET A FREE ACCOUNT BUT FOUND OUT THAT WAS EXTREMELY LIMITED BUT TO GET A BETTER ACCOUNT I HASD TO PAY.  Thats BULL****  They are so poor that they must gouge you up front?  I wont give anyone money up front for no guaranty.

Exactly, I am tired of these third party platform websites like, REOnetwork and others that want $500/$700 for membership and can't guarantee at least 5-6 good condition listings.  Instead, they try and give you these awful run down distress REO's that you can't list for more than $30K/$40K that know one else wants.  Its not worth it when you have to deal with the utilities along with up keep and then 9X of out 10 you still have to give 50% of the commission away.  It's obvious they are not doing so well when they keep hounding you to come back. In my opinion I think  is over rated and has become a discount platform and probably charges cheap fee's to get the banks to take them on and then the Realtors get gouged with lower fee's from these asset managers to make a profit.

So I'm curious. What area of the country are these BPOs for?  If they are not in an area that you service, is there a way you can see where they are?


If I knew that - I would be on a yacht in the Bahamas rather than chained to my would hesitate a guess and say the top foreclosure areas- from our capture clients- I saw a bunch of Florida, California, Illinois, Vegas area orders 

Thanks for the response.  I meant was there a way that we could find out in Realty Pilot. Since they are the platform for obtaining these BPOs.

I signed up with Realty Pilot yesterday and received my first BPO from Green River. I really couldn't find any definitive info. on where or how they send payment. Does anyone know if they mail it to the W9 address?

I would contact RP and ask them directly and if they can't answer then contact Green River directly and they should be able to tell you the process.  I once accepted a BPO off an third party platform like RP who were fairly new to the industry a couple years ago their name was Inspection Port.  I accepted 2 BPO's from their referral client JVI who never paid me and neither Inspection Port wanted to take responsibility to pay. Needless to say I was disappointed in how they kept sending me back and forth like a ping pong ball talking to different representatives.  Not only was I out 2 BPO fee's but the additional member referral fee on each I paid on the Inspection Port platform.  So, I recommend that agents do their research and check the BBB and search for bad reports before accepting multiple BPO's from a not so well known/established firm that does not have more that 1 or 2 clients in their platform.  Over 9400 BPO's at $30 is still a lot of mula $330,000,000 that either one of these companies can get away with if there is no information that clearly states how someone gets paid.  That's why I ignore RP bpo assignments.

InspectionPort still exists.  Their only client that I do BPOs for pays quickly and always.  InspectionPort chrages for each BPO done on their platform.  I have never done a BPO for JVI on this platform but it is a listed client. 


Doesn RP do autofill for the BPOS? Does anyone know if it does or not?


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