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7/30 Green River Capital is going nuts with orders-told you so....


Green River is sending orders nationwide like mad nationwide! Signup to Realty Pilot if you want them 

Green River Capital released over at least 4000 unassigned paying BPOs to the Realty Pilot system last night . If you are a current Realty Pilot user please login or open your Realty Pilot smartphone app to view these available BPOs. This is a tip to make money...our firm is not affiliated with either...

Your welcome 

Joey Singh
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how do you get in touch with Realty Pilot

James. How do you get in touch with Realty Pilot? Have you been to their Website yet? 

Joey - I don't understand how you know that Green River released BPOs to Realty Pilot but not know how to get in touch with them.  Anyway, the only plan that I can currently find on Realty Pilot is $29.95 per month but doesn't seem to have a BPO capture feature.  It emphasizes BPO completion.

This guy is just marketing for RP to get you to sign up for the $29.95 a month fee and then they will throw you a $40 bpo once a month; do the math, stay away!!

I agree...  their are several BPO companies that ask for upfront fee's.  I do not work with those companies.  Why pay when I work with a few that don't charge and get enough work. I have already establish a BPO business on my own and manage with out begging for listings.  Think about it, these days it takes 3/6 months to close an REO and 9/12 for a short sale. Now, take the commission you would have normally made on a listing and divide it by the months of hard work re-visiting looking after the subject, performing BPO's over and over again on it till its able to be marketed and not to mention having to pay for the utilities that take up to 6 months or more to be reimbursed.  I think, you make just about the same or more just doing BPO's and get a paycheck every month. Otherwise, your going broke for these listings and can ultimately lose your own home with no income coming in.

Cece, if you go through the sign up process, on the page where you select the platform you want to use, at the bottom is a free account where you can sign up with just one asset company. You would select Green River from the drop down list. 

That being said however, there is no guarantee that any of there BPOs are in your area. I posted earlier asking how we could find out what areas these BPOs were for but no response so far.

So, since you're only allowed to have a free account for one company, if Green River isn't in your service area it wouldn't be any use to sign up for it and use up your free account for a company that doesn't even have any BPOs in your area.


I get plenty of free BPO's, I don't need to pay any platform to get them. I've tried that a couple of times and did not get very many that way.  Some of these platforms want a monthly fee, not happening as far as I'm concern. It is ridiculous to pay them when your already getting peanuts from them not to mention that some are now paying up to 90 days. I won't work with those that pay over 90 max I will ask them upfront. Then if that's not enough, every year you have to have several background checks done and pay for each one thru the BPO vendors site rather than letting you go through the local police station and ordering 1 standard report to use for all of them.  It's a get rich quick scheme to make extra funds to offset their expenses in my opinion.  Some of them won't even send you a copy of the B/G unless you make sure to request it.  Anyway, don't pay for BPO's and don't pay for REO platforms either because they can't guarantee you a listing. Besides there are only about 8/10 platforms that actually are authorized by the banks to assign REO's and others only due BPO's but some won't be honest and tell you that just to get your money.



Can you advise the names of the 8/10 patforms that are authorized by the banks to assign REO'S.


I would really appreciate it as I am trying to direct my time and attention to only those vendors who actually are in the business of REO'S.




Loys White

Better Homes and Garden Real Estate Metro Brokers

(404) 427-4579

Just look up the banks site and sometimes they will list them.  I know BOFA does in their agent resource site.  Good luck..


Our company does BPO outsourcing for Hundred of Brokers Nationwide- we do data entry and capture- So I get to see what comes through to our brokers on a nationwide basis..Yes RP does charge for the platform the same way you pay $3 dollars out of every BPO to do an Ocwen BPO to Altisource...

Oh the website to sign up


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