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Hi Guys, I just received my 1st listing from Green River Capital thru Equator (ReoTrans). Has anyone worked with them before and if so how did it go? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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I have been working with them for a while and they fairly easy to work with and they have alot of clients. We haven't had any reimbursment issues and they seem to price them to sell. Getting on their preferred list is the way to go with them. Their having a mandatory training for all preferred agents next month on the west coast. It's going to be interesting to see how many show up from the east coast. They also do approved short sales which is another bonus. They really cracked down on their agents and expect quality and timely work which is the way it should be. Congratulations and good luck.
I have been working with them for a while and they are very professional, make sure that you submit all your invoices thru LPS.

Good Luck and Congratulations!
Were you approved with Green River prior to receiving the listing through Equator?
Have had many assignments from them, great to work with.
I've been on their agent roster but haven't seen any listings. I blame agent saturation :-)
GRC has been assigning me Fannie Mae listings that are processed through GRC's own portal not Reotrans. They are really good company to work with. I haven't received anything other than Fannie Mae though. Do they manage other companies as well?
Thank you all for your responses. I apologize for the delay. To answer some of your questions:

George: I have not heard anything about the training but would be interested.

Desiree: I have been using LPS for about a 1 1/2 yrs now & love it. GRC definitely stress the importance of getting the invoices submitted in a timely manner.

Tim: I was not signed up with GRC prior to receving listing. I am excited to pick this one up. ReoTrans/Equator is the platform the GRC listing came from.

John: So far they have been great!!

Johnny: You may be right regarding agent saturation. Geographic as well.

Kathy: That is great! I am experienced with Fannie Mae, I assist my business partner when possible who is a direct FNMA listing agent. I also have Multi Forms software. Maybe that will get me some FNMA listings as well.

Thank you all again! You guys are the best!
Great to hear you got lucky with REOTrans (Equator). Are you Platinum certified or Gold. I guess my question here is do one really have to become certified to get lucky with REOTrans? I became Gold certified just so I can upload my photo and comment for the AM to see when deciding on agents to use. They have been asking me to upgrade to Platinum and see the difference.
My question is the same as Billy's. What level of certification do you have on REOTRANS/Equator?
Billy & Melissa,

I attended the REOMAC conference in Ft. Lauderdale in October & got the standard certification which is free when you attend the conference. Most of the listings I list from ReoTrans are thru GMAC. I was on GMAC's list prior to Reotrans. It was mandatory to join @ the time to stay on their list. I have picked up 2 other asset mgmt. companies, one being GRC, while utilitzing Reotrans. Thanks
I managed to get an invitation to register with them because that was the only way. When I was filling in the registration there seemed to be a glitch and I couldn't finish my application. When I contacted GRC, they said don't bother registering because we don't need anymore agents. Instead register with our BPO company. I think saturation of agents may be the reason. You got lucky where you're at. Congratulations!
I was sent the same invitation after getting the assignment thru Reotrans. I ran into the same problem with the application because it is on a timer & I had to run out quickly. I sent an e-mail & did get a response that it looked fine. Thank you for the congrats.


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