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Hi Guys, I just received my 1st listing from Green River Capital thru Equator (ReoTrans). Has anyone worked with them before and if so how did it go? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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what problem did you have on the app?
I guess basically my fault. I extended the time, got a phone call & had to run out. I was unable to gain access again to the app.
Hi, I have been wondering, how does one get the invite to sign up at Green River?
Thank you
Jeff Brewer
Coldwell Banker
With Greenriver, are you responsible for ordering rehab bids from your contractors, or does Greenriver have a preferred contractor list to choose from? Any info is greatly appreciated!
Both. They have national contractors but you need to get bids to. The national contractors tend to come in high on the jobs so my contractors stay pretty busy with Green River.
I worked them and hope to do more with them. They were great! Easy going and paid reimbursements. There was a glitch in their AP dept but they addressed it and it was taken care of.
They are real.
In my case, there wasnt enough money in it for SO much work/time.... commission is low and most of my properties went to auction..I paid kids/teenagers to sit in the required open house for 3 days..on 3 listings..... cost me $270.00 and 6-8 months later I recieved about $700-800 per property.. auction company closers/title are generally nitwits. They couldnt close in 3-4 months... then got put back on the block.... the values were so low.... that wasnt there......
Hope your experience is BETTER!!!-- oh, ps... did i mention I had to show the property whenever someone called about it... outside of the open house..over and over again...... my assistants were ticked.....
am not a fan.......although their a/m's are easy to reach,good peep's etc....
I happy to say I just got accepted today after getting my invite yesterday. Although I know that you can be approved with tons of companies and not get a single listing.I'm hoping that since I got a invite I'll start to see some activity from them... I'll keep you all posted!
Carey where is GRC party at! lol I didn't get their invite. PM so we can talk.

Congrats on your new approval!
Where is the Training at??? I'd like to attend it if is in the West Coast (George) share the info please!
It's invite only and only for their preferred agents. It's in Utah though.


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