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Does anyone have information on Gregory Funding. They have asked me to do a drive occupancy check on a property prior to foreclosure. Any info is greatly appreciated. 

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I have worked with them for years, but it is a long process from the time you check occupancy to they actually foreclosing on the house. Some they never do. Other than that, they will stick with you and are easy to work with. They repair most of their homes

They just asked me to do a drive by occupancy check.  I completed it and told them it was vacant. They are no asking me to re-key and they don't own it yet.  Can they do this? They may not even win the auction..I certainly don't want to trespass... 

Depends on your state law.  If its vacant here (in MD) the banks servicer will usually rekey it to protect the asset.  I'm selling a place with them now.....seem legit to me. 

Thank you, Janan

I currently have a home listed with them and they're very easy to work with. 

Thank you, Jay

Does anyone have any contact info for them for vendor selection?

What did you find when you searched? 

Working with them now.  Been great to work with. 

Do you have contact info?  The website is painfully obtuse.

Thank you, Ben

I love working with them go for it!


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