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The sales people are very pushy to purchase and am wondering if their lead program is worth spending several hundred dollars monthly for leads....

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Many have-R  wanting $500/zip they are annoyed.  Those not contacted are blessed.....

I have closed several deals with But, I was sort of turned off when my zip codes were about to expire, all of a sudden I started getting leads for each zip code that was about to expire. Never got a response from those particular leads, therefore not closing deals as was planned.

I used probably back in early 2000's and had to quit them due to what you were saying. I have sending over asset management leads around the time my monthly subscription is due...I was hoping to find a lead source to replace

I will be quitting them soon..And doing the old fashioned way of finding buyers and sellers. I have been doing REO bank repos for a long time and wouldn't mind some regular house sales now and then.

I questioned the monthly charges and they responded with how much can you spend monthly. I responded with $75.00. And the sales person jumped on that and gave me a list of agents in my area that are currently using the program. I'm assuming the sales person was trying to get me to say 'Yes' by asking questions where I responded with a 'yes' to but I didn't answer correctly so they started telling me what zip codes that were available. The most amazing thing they said next was the most active zip code in my area was now available...For my price.....

My next question was mostly why did the most exclusive sought after zip code was now available. Of course after that I had to get off the phone and to start a blog asking about these folks....

Too bad that is stuck in the early days of the internet. Why pay $30-$40 a lead for a lead that clicked on a picture. First they were going to give me the special price in the style of car sales (I have to check with my manager), then they took back the offer they made originally and offered something else. Too bad.

I tried to explain that my listings are automatically displayed in, Zillow and Trulia......And why should I obtain a lead just because someone by just checking out the listings online was now a paid lead for me...Of course they mentioned that they check out every email [ by seeing that it does not bounce back ]and phone number before sending the lead to me...It is the leads that actually click onto the listing and ask for more information already that are the free ones...Why I asked do I pay for leads that come to me free? It makes no sense to me plus as soon as you enter your phone number it is like a feeding frenzy to call to get you tied up for a hefty monthly charge.....

I've had other agents contact me because of leads they received on my listings before so I don't think they necessarily just go to the listing agent. I think there is something in the settings that you can change.

I've had some success with last year and closed 5 deals with them and I wasn't working the leads very hard. I just bought another zip code (3 total zips) and my monthly costs are $400. If I close one deal it should pay for the entire year. My expectations are to close 7-10 deals this year from without much effort. 

I think it's worth it and I would suggest anyone looking for new business to give it a try. The only downfall is the 1 year contract.  

From my experience it appears that many of the leads actually think they are contacting the listing agent. I've seen leads from neighbors asking about how a showing went and the like. Also the leads go out to a number of agents .Would you mind sharing how you go about getting the leads to sign up or is it really just a numbers game? Thank in advance

Neil, it is interesting as most of the lead programs know what to tell you to excite you into signing up with them. I have just been solicited by Qazzoo again as I am a past buyer for leads and a new place just popped in this morning which was ..Free FSBO leads for 30 days from -- I really hate to advertise a company for free but check these out.....

All I do are REO's and sometimes like to obtain seller leads. Have one more place that I will post but the leads are $25.00 each and none has ever panned out for me......

I've not had much luck with or Zillow leads although I am only looking for a listings. Does anyone have a resource for them? I have used several successfully in the past but most are drying up. I can share with you that Home Gain and Zbuyer were great. I still get leads but it seems like they're selling them to everyone. I've also used several other sites that don't charge per lead but charge a percentage which is what I prefer even if I only get three or four listings per year I'm paying more but at least I feel that I've gotten a value. With any marketing I guess you have to look at the big picture what's the cost versus return. If anyone is getting listing leads I'd love to know about it. Dave Ramsey also has listing and buyer leads.

I'd also be much happier to pay a percentage for a lead that actually generates some income...


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