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Has anyone had success directly attributed to Active Rain?

Will networking there with mostly Realtors and affilliates increase your business?

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I've had success and business referred to me via Active Rain, LinkedIn, REOPro and Facebook.
That is good to hear Carlos; thanks for responding. Do you find it important to have a lot of points
on Active Rain? In other words; is that how people find you there? I have been blogging internally
to get my self on the first page of the local list. I don't know how to blog outside the Rain. Any
pointers you care to share?
I don't care much about the points but it is important to blog frequently about subjects that will peak their interest. Some of the Rainmakers who have been there from the beginning are not easy to approach or befriend but if they see you are active and making a contribution to the AR they will start reaching out. Make sure you also blog to the public and not just the agents. Check out Renee Burrows blogs, from Las Vegas, she does an awesome job!

Most of my heavy hitter contacts have been from LinkedIn. I've connected with executives from INVESCO, Blackrock, PIMCO, JPMorgan, BofA, Wells Fargo and of course Citigroup. Once again it takes blogging and time for them to warm up to you. Joining groups is also a good way to break the ice.
Thanks Carlos; I certainly understand the 'warming up' period. I'd like to learn how to blog to the public as I have not yet done that.
If you are not sure what to blog about just share interesting articles or blog about real estate experiences you've had that someone might benefit from. Once you get going it will start getting easier. I used to blog a lot but have not done much for a while.
Thanks Carlos; I have blogged here and AR. I just don't know how to 'go public'.
Just jumping and don't think about it!!! You're welcomed to check my blogs in AR, Facebook, REOPro and LinkedIn. You will see how I started blogging, gained confidence and developed as I continued to blog. The only thing that holds you back is your own fears....dispel those fears and shine!!!
Thank you Carlos.
You're welcome!
I use all 4, Active Rain, Linkedin, REOPro and Facebook but, I have had most my luck from REOPro and Linkedin.
Thank you Jesse!
PS: I love REOPro too!
I have been able to get listings and buyers from Active Rain, but they where from the referral emails and had nothing to do with how active I was in the community. I would say it is a great tool though.


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