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Has anyone heard of Security National Servicing Company?

Was recently contacted by Security National Servicing Company for BPO's and PCR's,has anyone worked for them? Do they pay ? Don't know how they got me unless it was one one of many,many I've signed with.

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They pay a bit above average and on time, about 30 days, their on our "good company" list.
They pay. They also assign REOs.
Thanks SO MUCH !! I was just leary because they do offer well......: )))) The forms are so easy too! Do you remember if you signed directly or was it one of the other companys that promise exposure?

Thanks again.
Signed up with them directly.
They pay, easy to work with. I used to get listings but I think their emphasis is keeping people in the homes. Cash flow vs Foreclosure.
Wow,I know that doesn't do much for our business,but with all that's going on in the country,I am glad to see a bank trying to help some people. Thanks for the input.


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