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Over the course of the past month or 2 I've noticed that I'm being assigned less than half the amount of orders I usually receive. In addition, I've been receiving more "property condition reports" at reduced pay but after travel and time invested they aren't generating what I consider good pay. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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Have you signed up with Old Republic Title, Equity Pointe, or Specialized Asset Management? They send me tons of BPOs. 

I'm on file with Old Republic and ironically just submitted an order I was working for them.  Last week I had to double check my profile with SAM and Equity Pointe and found that I was only on file with SAM.  I'll be sure to register with Equity Pointe tonight. Thanks for your response, Crystal.

Im also WAAYYYYY  down....!!  Will add SAM.... today!!  Thanks!!   Rose

Rose, have you signed up with SAM since you last posted?? I updated my profile and received an email from someone a week or so ago asking me to upload my license again because for some reason it was not showing up on there end.  Anyway, I have yet to receive anything from them and was just curious to see if you have. Thanks, Rose!!

Thank you John. However, that is not the topic of discussion here.  In fact, there are several blogs/discussions that focus on that specific subject and I would greatly appreciate it if you could focus your solicitation there. If you have any feedback in regard to the recent decline in bpo orders or have a suggestion that would result in more bpo orders assigned, (Not Accepted) then I welcome your response.  Thanks again and have a great weekend.

well, I didnt "receive them directly... ive done 4 so I captured 2 at 2:30 in the a.m. when my ipad alerted me an email came in... and I captured 2 more on sunday at 9 am..... seems like someone has an auto-acceptor on that site from w/in my area..... I cant get any of them, theyre all broadcast out....sometimes 6-8- at a time ( i TRIED THE NICOLE OCEAN AUTO-ACCEPTOR TRIAL- DIDNT CATCH EVEN 1...)

I've had moments where 6-7 have come in.... and I am only needing to switch over to the site as I'm actually logged on..... and have lost them.. makes me want to tear my hair out--- I dont get it......

They pay well ( 50).. and pretty quick!! 7-10 days.... theyre  just hard to snag!!

Oh Well..... my bpos are down to 3-5/mo.... as directly sent----I see about 20-25 spammed every mo. and I can catch another 5-6..... this bpo stuff is really failing for me....

And, my status is good... no issues that anyone cares to tell me about----- I dont know what to do????? am stumped!

Rose first thing to do is set up filters in your email system- a lot of vendors send orders from different servers- so you just have to start manually watching for those and start filtering for them...

Hi there Rose,

I saw your posting and wanted to see if I can help. I see that you service the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida. This area as you know is very competitive for BPO and REO business. I'm sure this is no surprise here, but the same goes for using an auto accept software. It's likely that you have competition for orders thru the software. Another issue may be making sure that the settings for your computer and the tasks that you run are optimized.

If you'd like another free trial, we would be glad to oblige since you didn't see success during your first trial. Please give our salesman, Bob a call at: 360-223-2482 ext. 1 if you are interested.

Lastly, if you aren't signed up with Altisource yet please do so as they are the most successful company with the most volume currently.


Nicole Ocean


BPO Automation Group 

Hi Nicole!

    Wow! thank you for your offer!  I am signed w/ everyone on the list below except first american,  am signed but I only have 11 completed w/ them... and they havent broadcast bpos in possibly 2 yrs.... Ocwen is another one, I've applied there 2-3 separate times ( in the las few mo.s) and I dont get a reaction from them, I applied again today and forwarded their required list as well as their application.... lets see if anything comes of it....

     Meanwhile, my business has dried up like a prune..... zip....nada.... if I can snag 2-3 Old Republic bpos in a week, I'm lucky.... I am told I am in great status... etc.... was contacted by Mainstreet to expect bulk orders.... and nothing was sent, or broadcast...

    .I tested your system out a month or so ago when "Sams" was broadcasting like crazeee--- and didnt snag even one,... so , needless to say.. I need to do something else....I truly appreciate your offer and will contact Bob on Monday!! Thank YOU for Caring!!

Warm Regards, Rose


I hope the REO List and BPO provider list is helpful..

These are the top firms giving BPO orders now. It always varies state to state but its a start. These are who are brokers are currently getting orders from



Old Republic

Main street Val


Mark2 market



Good Man Dean


Single Source Property

Servicelink FNF

Wow. Thank you very much for this info.  I'm getting orders from a few of these companies, but there are a few on here that I'm not registered with.  Thanks again for the help.

Valuation Partners is on a tear today!


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