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Over the course of the past month or 2 I've noticed that I'm being assigned less than half the amount of orders I usually receive. In addition, I've been receiving more "property condition reports" at reduced pay but after travel and time invested they aren't generating what I consider good pay. Has anyone else noticed this trend?

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hmmm-- I received 1 from val partners.... and have been directly receiving maybe 2 a day......between goodman and fas..... Ive been able to snag some from Old republic & Sams at all hours of the nite...Thank You for the list----- will review and sign up to  a few on there!!

Hmmm.... maybe I need to outsource to catch them...??

Warm Regards! Rose


Probably 40% less than last year. There are hardly any short sales, interest rates inched up preventing folks from refin.

Got enough to stay busy. As for those $20 inspection I will let other to fight over.  The worst nightmare was receiving 32 bpos assigned. Rec'd a call asking me if I can take on more. All night and next day there were 300s all due same time.

Wow.....that's awesome.....I recvd an email alerting me to bulk bpos coming and they never still wondering what happened.....hmmmm,m


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