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Has anyone received or work with (listings) Vendor Resource Management (VRM)

Does anybody have any information on them.


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VRM just picked up some FNMA assets and seem to be distributing them in the upper mid-west states. 


Few things about VRM.  1)  They only work with the broker owner of your company so if you change companies they will give assets to you directly if you are an agent.  2)  I believe their training through VRM University is a wonderful training class and is full of great information.  I think those who have taken it will agree that its one of the best in the industry.  It was worth my $$. 


I agree, I would hang in there with VRM.  It seems that their asset pool seems to be increasing.

not a thing from them and am approved with them

That's good to know and I agree that their training was great- but I have a question about them only working with the broker owner. Are you saying that even though I went to a conference specifically to take their training and signed up with them, that the listing will be given to my broker owner? Technically all of my listings are under the umbrella of my broker but I am the assigned agent as I procurred the listing. Wouldn't it work the same with VRM?

@ Lisa Long, the Broker thing just came up for us this month with VRM also, I have a team member who also signed up with VRM after going to the training.  I will copy below what we got back on VRM's policy.  This does seem to be a common trend working directly with the Broker / Broker specific accounts it depends on the company but we have seen it before, when the say 'Dale's account' that is our brokers first name,


Thank you for your email.  VRM’s relationship is with the broker/owner of a company. At this time we do not formulate relationships with individual agents. VRM will not approve multiple agents from the same office under different Vendor Profiles. I have set you and Jessica under your broker Dale’s account.  It is up to the broker/owner as to how VRM listings assigned to their office are passed out/assigned. We look forward working with you and your company.

Interesting- I think my broker is cool enough that if something came our way, he would assign it to me if I told him that my signing up was the reason that we were assigned the listings.

This is what I got from them:


The Broker’s License and Office Information that you entered is already associated with another approved VRM account. Please contact your broker of record to be added as an agent to the master account.

I guess my broker is already approved , now I need him to add me  to the list.

Does my broker need to pick the agent for the listing?

I think we must be close to 1000 agents.

I don't know what are my possibilities?

I have not received any work from them, but I am an approved vendor.
I have worked with them for about 2 and a half years, up until recently they were the only company working with Freddie Mac. They have been fantastic to work with under that platform.

Yes, I signed up with them over the fall and got certified for their new Fannie Mae listings. The AM was great to work with, and the staff is very helpful.


Where can I go to get certified for Fannie Mae?  I was told that you can usually get this training if you sign up early enough at the Five Star Conference in Tx on the last day?  Have you got any info? I work the Memphis Tn and Mississippi regions.



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