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I received an email from REO Lister.  They fill out the registration forms for you at the asset management companies for ONLY around $600.00 dollars.   Having filled out a lot of these registration forms myself the offer is tempting.   I was wondering if anyone had actually used them.  They claim that you get the confirmation from each company just as you do when you fill them out yourself.   I would appreciate any input.   I know that everyone is as sick of spending money to get listing as I am, but wow, what a time saver if true.

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Ann- Try he was an Asset manager. Some of the things his compnay does for much less,

•Database Entry
•Resume formal
•Resume email (a shorter, yet very effective, resume used primarily for cold-calling)
•General Webinar
•Resume' Webinar – Learn to create an effective resume, how and when to solicit for business, and some resources to use for finding the right people to ask for business
•Consulting – Via phone, charge is per hour. (BPO/MMR review will fall under this)
•Consulting – On-site – Charge is per ½ day or full day and may include travel and accommodation depending on location.


Www.reolister gives you all of the tools to sign up yourself with over 150 National Banks and Asset Managers on the site for free, including the Bank and Asset Managers list.  For a fee they will do it for you in about 5 to 7 business days.  You are right it is a huge time saver.  You fill out one master registration form, it is then sent to quality control to check for errors, unanswered questions and accuracy. Once that is done you are submitted to all of the Banks and Asset managers and you will start recieving confimation emails in days.



Just wanted to add that what they do for $600, my company does for $300. Same service!


I was thinking of paying REOlister for their services but if i can save some over $300 why not... what's your company's  website? Ray   

My website is

Feel free to email me at and I can send you the details.

We have the same companies on our list and can do it in the same amount of time.

Hi Ann

Are you going to signup with them or have you? if so, how is the service been?


I have not signed up with them.  I am registering myself at companies right now.  I signed up with about 30 asset companies last year and with some Banks. I am now going back and signing up with Fannie Mae and their asset managers. 

The only REO's that I received have been through RESNET.


Hello , I was about to sign for REO Lister tomorrow but by reading your comments I will try I'm very busy and don't have the time to fill out the applications my self. Thank you for the info.





Feel free to email me at

I am the President/CEO of REO Asset Management and REO Warrior.

Good rule of thumb---dont pay anybody to receive REO listings. You don't need to. 

Thank You John, that is what my REO friends are telling me, to not pay anybody and do it myself. 


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