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How are they?,they wanted to know if I did PCR'S.....what else do they have ? Do they pay promptly?

Appreciate your opinion.


Judi Truitt

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Yes, I do appraisals for southwest, I find them to be a very good company, they pay every 2 weeks, never had any problem with them.
Thank you,makes me feel better about them.
Just got an email from them...and I know nothing about them.  Judith, did you end up completing a report?  If so did you get paid?...what was the time frame?
I have done several inspection reports for them, they pay on time, very easy to work with.
I have done several appraisals for them. I give them 4 stars. Good company thats pays every 2 weeks, they have appraisers on staff doing reviews and they don't ask for a bunch of stupid revisions.
thanks guys.
Have you done any for them lately? I have not done any in a month.


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