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Has anyone worked with a company called Real Esales??

Ive been getting bombarded with emails from this company daily. Has anyone worked with them. Of course they want $895 upfront then a flat fee for every listing. I don't mind paying a referral fee but the upfront fee's do bother me a little. .If the company was as good at creating leads as they say you would think they would just take the referral fee from a closing. Any thoughts opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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honest to all Real Estate professional forget it about this companies, if they ask for money in is so tie

so lets go back to basic...knock,call,farming etc, our business is personal trust and contact...

good luck!!!

Heard of them, but don't know anyone that works with them. You are better off just going through AgentMachine for free. It sounds like the two of them utilize the same concept, but Real Esales charges an annual fee, and AgentMachine just charges a 25% referral if you actually close on the lead they provide you with.

Thanks Lucie, I might check into agent machine. I don't like to use any service where I pay upfront.

Agreed. It can be difficult to decipher the worth without expressed knowledge of where they get their leads from, if they scrub them before assigning them, etc. I know a few agents who buy leads and actually invest a good sum of money towards that and it has paid off for them. A few of them have said that they will ask the company for a free trial prior to paying to see test the program and this has been effective with some of these companies. I think it's worth a shot to real loss if they won't do that.

Agent Machine charges now to sign up. I think its $550 for lifetime membership but I think I got a "deal" for $350.

They charge if you want to submit outgoing referrals. The incoming ones are free. I just signed up about a month ago.

I thought you could only receive a referral if you gave one and its closed?

I have received over 9 and have now given any. I received 2 as recent as yesterday.

I wouldn't  I heard anytime a new company pops up and they ask upfront for that mt of money could be a scam. Also does anyone know which asset mgmt companies Bank of America is using?

Run like a scalded dog. That or just take the money out of the bank and set it on fire. Same result as paying them. 

Chris, this is quite a bold statement considering you are not on our program nor have we sent you an invite or communicated with you in the past. If anyone wants to know about Real Esales or how it works, just give us a call and we can explain it for you. Thanks


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