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Has Anyone Worked with Harris Real Estate University

Over the past 2 years, I have listened in on the Harris Real Estate University seminars.  They have programs for listing REO assets, getting Short Sales, and Loan Modifications.  Their fee is $97 montly for each program.  However, I have not meet anyone who actually works with them.  The phone seminars sound great, as thay will teach you how to increase/enhance your business.  Has anyone out there worked with Harris Real Estate, or know of someone who has.  Your insight would be helpful.

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I signed up with them and did it for 2 months, it was a lot of self promotion and gave me an old list of asset management companies and bpo mills. the only good thing is that they didn't give me any grief about cancelling. If you feel the need to spend $1200 in education I suggest to either go to Five Star take some classes and network with other agents,
Take the RDCPro certification $500 subscribe to RESNET and get their certification $350. Also I recomend Tony Rosales at REO Assent Management Consulting.

Good luck

Thanks for the insight. I will look into to RDCPro and REO Asset Mgmt Consult., as I am already affiliated with ResNet.


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